Zanzibar, a heavenly place in Africa

The tourist information media are full of data on destinations in the Western world. The same cannot be said of the wonders of the African continent. These have always been covered by a veil of mystery that makes them interesting, but does not reveal everything they have to offer. Zanzibar and its beaches they are a perfect example of the above.

It is an archipelago located off the eastern African coast. It has an equatorial climate, pleasant all year round and characterized by alternating periods of rain and drought. In general, it is a small geographic paradise made up of three large islands: A needle, Pemba Y Mafia, and many other nearby islets and coral reefs. All perfectly suitable places to relax and disconnect from routine life.

General information about Zanzibar

It is an autonomous region of Tanzania which has had a rather checkered history. It has been under the rule of Persians, Arabs, Muslims, Portuguese and also under the influence of other centers of power on the African continent. However, all this situation has given it an exceptional cultural wealth that makes it an interesting tourist destination.

Zanzibar City, in A needle, is the main city of the archipelago. Freddie Mercury was born here and the city was declared World Heritage in 2000, in addition to being the economic center of the region. Stone town, another of the important cities, is composed of beautiful streets, towers, gates beautifully made in wood and mosques of exceptional architecture. The Guliani Bridge, Livingstone and the Sultan Barghash palace.

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Natural wonders of Zanzibar

It is true that the local culture can be fascinating, but you also have to consider that Zanzibar is the typical destination for those who want to sunbathe and relax on the sand. Backpackers, couples in love and tired adventurers are those who come to this place and have made tourism grow in the region in the last decade.

Mid-range tourist facilities are concentrated on the east coast and the beaches are good, the atmosphere is ideal for young people and it has a wide range of restaurants on the seashore. On the other hand, the highest level facilities are concentrated on the south coast and nature also changes, since in this area there are many mangroves and coral cliffs, and there is little sand. In fact, travelers mainly enjoy bathing in the private pools of their bungalows and go out to enjoy the beautiful sunsets on the islands or to walk on the beach, without entering the water.

Northern beaches: idyllic places to relax

The best beaches are to the north of the archipelago and also the widest range of hotels of all kinds. The village of Nungwi It offers an excellent point of support for adventurers who want to relax in nature without spending too much, it is well known for the image of the rudimentary boats beached on the beach when the tide goes out.

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