Your io game portal: action from the first second

The IO games are a series of multiplayer games where a large number of players have the possibility of competing with each other, accumulating points for eliminating other participants and obtaining a better position in the rankings over time. They’re fun, exciting, and action-packed, which is why they’ve built a huge fan base.

The io Games website offers you the possibility to participate in dozens of amazing games of different categories. Some of the most popular are remakes of classic games, while others are adaptations inspired by Fortnite and PUGB, allowing you to interact with the environment and communicate with the rest of the players.

What are the most popular IO games?

From the first moment you access this website, you will have different game options adapted to your tastes. There are different categories such as classic games, survival games, shooters, strategy games, skill games and much more. Each one of them has peculiar characteristics that make them addictive and great to have an entertaining time.

The first game to gain popularity on the net and the one that gave life to the movement was, becoming a trend overnight. This happened in 2015 and, since then, thousands of programmers decided to participate in the trend by building similar games, capable of running in real time from any browser.

There is a great variety of these games, but without a doubt the five most prominent are the following:

  • It is a game in the drawing & guessing category in which you draw on a screen while other users are guessing what you are drawing. In, the first person to correctly decipher the drawing will win the round, for which only 80 seconds are available.
  • It has an aesthetic very similar to Super Mario Bross of Nintendo, but very different in terms of gameplay, since it is possible to defeat different opponents and compete against other people who are online simultaneously. You must avoid traps, accumulate coins and collect gold to advance.
  • It is nothing less than a Kart Battle Arena in which it is necessary to drive very fast and shoot your opponents before they destroy you. Along the way you can discover some surprise weapons with which you can create huge explosions and get your competitors out of the way.
  • If you like strategy, you will love this game. You will be able to use different weapons and travel a map in which you will have to fight against other players, but you must remain attentive to what is happening around you because otherwise you will fall very quickly at the hands of another competitor eager to win.
  • It’s another awesome game. This time you will become a sea monster that must stab all its enemies quickly before they unite against you and make you lose the game.

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