Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Tips for Beginners

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 It is an adventure game, of great magnitude and very complicated. In this version, the main character is Rex and his Titan is Gramps. Also, other characters that are relevant in the game stand out such as: Poppi, Nia and Tora.

All the characters involved in the story have a sword that is often used to perform magic. During the game’s story, your main character will have to be in a constant struggle to reach the destination of your trip: Elysium.

Here are some tips for new players to Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so you can learn to use the most efficient techniques and fight enemies.

Tips to start playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 features a large map. Therefore, the fact that you are eliminated by some higher level enemies, is something quite likely. What’s more, you are even more likely to feel disoriented without knowing what to do. So, we have brought you these tips that will help you move forward, in the event that this situation arises.

Increase your level quickly

In other games of the RPG genre, additional missions are used to level up quickly. But in the case of xenoblade Chronicles 2, this is not possible.

In this game, players who have various confrontations are rewarded with the wide range of creatures that inhabit this open world. The reason that tends to cause most players to launch into combat with creatures that have a higher level than the player. All with the absurd idea that if they go to team combat they will come out unharmed. But the reality is that you will find yourself in a fight that will last several minutes and in which you will surely end up losing.

We recommend that in order for the level of your characters to increase, try to have confrontations with creatures that are one or two levels below yours. Plan the strategy that will make you emerge victorious. At the same time, the amount of experience granted to you by these matches will be quite considerable.

Exploration is of vital importance

If your goal is to reach the destination indicated on the mini map as a simple route, for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 this is equivalent to something impossible. Above all because the same game will take care of putting you the thousands of obstacles so that you advance causing a lot of frustration.

In most open world games, it is very simple to progress until you reach the simple route. However, in the case of this particular game, it forces you to advance along other alternate routes that make you travel around the surroundings.

Although it seems to you that it is something nonsense, it is the opposite, because exploration is a fundamental technique to complete the game. With the simple fact of crossing the map, you can reach the various points that will allow you to overcome each mission to advance in the game.

In general, it is common for storms to prevent you from accessing an area that you must explore. For this case, the advice is that you locate an inn where you can rest for a while. In addition, with this you can take advantage of so that your characters increase their extra level.

You must bear in mind that there is an area that you must explore called Indol, in which your stay is ephemeral, that is, that after you leave it you will not be able to return. Therefore, you must make sure to locate all the chests that are in this area.

Another point to consider is that you should take the opportunity to execute all the missions related to this area to get the most out of your visit to this place.

Get your gold

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, as well as all other Japanese RPGs, in-game currency is of utmost importance. In the particular case of this game, its relevance is much greater, due to how significant it can be. For example, if you focus on the development of the different cities in the game, these can generate numerous benefits.

There is no particular tip that you should put into practice, but there are some tips that can help you generate more gold quickly, without having to spend many hours facing creatures:

  • The first thing you should consider is collect as many primordial crystals as possible. Specifically the most common. Legendary and Uncommon will be most useful when you need to tune into blades.
  • The most common crystals do not have a special contribution, but for the merchants of some stores this does not matter, since among the sellers the common primordial crystals are highly sought after. Which, they will pretend to buy all the ones you have available for a fairly high sum.
  • Another alternative that you can consider to increase your profits in gold, is invest in cylinders to dive, since in the quick – time – events that originate when diving between the cloud tide. They are easy to execute, generally, the rewards involve valuable objects, which you will not be able to sell, but you can exchange them for treasure packs. Those that you can sell and for which you will get a considerable amount of gold.

Avoid group confrontations

Group engagements are characteristic of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, even if you have a large set of blades in your possession. it is normal for this type of fighting to occur.

And they tend to appear particularly when you face the enemy, at which time other creatures take advantage of appearing and joining the battle. This situation is difficult to control, because it is almost impossible for you to deal with all the enemies simultaneously.

In order to prevent this situation from occurring so frequently, we recommend that locate the enemy you want to defeat and press the arrow pointing downwards on the control crosshead.

With this trick you will attract the creature, which will follow you until you reach the place where you want to start the fight. Try to select an open area for combat, that is clear and out of reach of other enemies.

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