World War Z 2: Will there be a sequel to the movie starring Brad Pitt?

World War Z is a successful story that followed in the footsteps of a former United Nations worker named Gerry Lane impersonated by Brad Pitt, who must venture into the research and search for a cure for a deadly virus that is infecting populations throughout the world. world, turning humans into zombies. But the big question for all zombie fans and of course Pitt is:There will be a World War Z 2?

The first film was directed by Marc Forster and starred Pitt, Enos, Matthew Fox, Peter Capaldi and Ruth Negga, among other excellent actors. The film was accepted by audiences around the world and naturally, it was a financial success. So it was to be expected that World War Z 2 was practically a fact.

Budget difficulties

The sequel was scheduled to be directed by acclaimed director David Fincher, but it never happened.. The film was in development at Paramount before the studio finally scrapped it due to budget constraints. However, some cast members still share their intention to return for a second installment.

The information that is handled so far is that the highly anticipated sequel to Fincher World War Z 2 is no longer in development at Paramount and sources close to production say that the cause is the budget. Apparently, Fincher was willing to direct World War Z 2 for less than a hundred and ninety million dollars, which was the price of the first film, but the money required was still too high for the studio.

The World War Z 2 production was to reunite Fincher with Brad Pitt, after hit movies like Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The cameras were apparently scheduled to begin filming in June, which made sense considering that Fincher will have finished the second season of his Netflix series Mindhunter by then.

Pitt also reportedly finished filming Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which freed up his schedule, except for the press tour for that movie. Some involved confirm that Fincher, also the creator of Mindhunter season two, was still destined to direct the sequel and that a summer production was expected.

Remembering a little about World War Z

Marc Forster directed the original World War Z, which Paramount released in theaters during the summer of 2013. The film was based on Max Brooks’s 2006 novel of the same name and starred Pitt, who played a former UN employee who travels around the world and this time looking for the cure of a virus that unleashes a pandemic of carnivorous zombies.

Although World War Z deviated considerably from the Max Brooks novel, the film was warmly received by critics, something very important as the film faced a long list of production problems, causing many to think that the final product would be disappointing.The truth is that the film was a great audience success, raising about five hundred and forty million dollars worldwide., for a production that had a budget of one hundred and ninety million. However, the financial gain was less than what the Paramount studio wanted.

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