Why PlayStation 5 is the best console

The end of 2020 will be the scene of a new generation of video game consoles. Compared to Microsoft’s Xbox (Series X), the future Sony PlayStation 5 is the most anticipated by users around the world.

In October 2019 , Sony officially announced the upcoming arrival of its fifth console of the name, the PlayStation 5. In GamesTop we tell you everything about the PS5 to recap the official information about the new Sony console. Please note that this file is subject to change as new developments are released.

Where and when can you buy the Playstation 5 and at what price?

The price and release date of the PlayStation 5 became official on Wednesday, September 16, on the occasion of a new digital event. The PS5, standard model with disc player and digital edition, without it, will be marketed on November 19 in Spain and Europe (a week after the United States, Japan and South Korea). In theory, both models are already available for pre-order at most retailers, but stocks are clearly not enough to keep up with demand. Where to buy the PlayStation 5? In November you can find the PS5 at Amazon, MediaMarkt, Game, FNAC and PcComponentes. The PlayStation 5 with “disk drive” is priced at 499 euros compared to 399 euros for the “digital edition”. But if you are still looking for the current console, here you can find where to buy the cheap PS4.

Sony took the opportunity to specify the price of the various accessories that will accompany the console. At the head of the pack, we will obviously find the new generation DualSense. The PS5 controller, and its revolutionary haptic feedback, will retail for € 69.99 individually. Therefore, it will cost ten euros more than the previous DualShock 4. Obviously, a DualSense will be included with the console, at the time of purchase.

As for the rest of the accessories revealed with the design of the PlayStation 5 last June, their prices range between 29 and 99 euros. The DualSense controller charging station, capable of recharging the batteries of two controllers at the same time, will be marketed at 29.99 euros. The Media Remote, a remote control designed primarily for future owners of the model with an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player, will be sold at the same price (29.99 euros ). For 59.99 euros, PS5 owners will be able to purchase a HD camera with a resolution of 1080p. This device will be able to film the player but also record the video game in progress live. According to The Verge, it could also be used in the future for possible virtual reality technologies such as “hand tracking”. Finally, the Press 3D , a wireless headset, will be sold for 99.99 euros . Sony justifies this price by noting that it will use the new 3D audio system designed for the PS5.

Why is the PlayStation 5 the best console of the new generation?

In May, during a presentation of the performance of PS5 prototypes , Sony had already demonstrated the speed of loads of your future console. Following an official speech from Sony Hardware Project Manager Mark Cerny, the PS5 should benefit from 10.3 teraflops of power (compared to 12 teraflops in the next Xbox ). In addition, the Japanese firm confirmed that it had equipped its future console with a Specially designed GPU by AMD , based on an RDNA 2 architecture, and a 4K Blu-Ray player able to read Optical Discs. 100 GB. The SSD could load 2Gb of data in just 0.27 seconds, compared to 1Gb in 20 seconds for the PS4 Pro.

Regarding the GPU, Mark Cerny, one of the designers of the PS4 and PS5, confirmed to Wired which will be equipped with “ray tracing” technology, greatly improving the rendering of synthetic images. On the storage side, the PS5 would be armed with an SSD drive, 825 Gb (assisted by 16 Gb of RAM) “incredibly fast” benefiting from a completely redesigned user interface. This will give players the opportunity to join any online multiplayer game in progress or continue this or that mission from one of their solo games in a single action.

Finally, Mark Cerny announces that the PS5 will launch a new “standard meter” in terms of audio quality, in the world of consoles, in particular thanks to the new Tempest 3D AudioTech systemAlso, a patent filed by Sony could put memory cartridges back in the spotlight with the PS5. These, originally interpreted to game cartridges, are intended to store “images, characters, sounds or a complete program”. They would work like External SSD with multiple terabits memory. Obviously, like the other patent applications discovered here and there, this new concept of game cartridges may never see the light of day.

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