Why do some people believe that the earth is flat today?

The idea, in the XXI century, that the earth is flat, after having demonstrated since 300 BC, through observations and calculations the roundness of the Earth, from different theories, as well as the countless missions to space who have photographed the planet from different distances and perspectives; they can lead us to think that it is a mere distraction.

Nevertheless, the reasons that the defenders of the theory that maintains that the earth is flat, coupled with the growing number of followers and the force they use in their messages using social networks, the media and widely used and widely used media; make us divert attention to your questions and concerns.

The concern is valid. Since, if the Earth is shown to be flat, thousands of years of investigation and demonstration of the theory of the roundness of the planet would be thrown away.

Of the effects of this form on the so-called apparent movements of the sun, on the effect of the tides, the phases of the moon, and many other consequences derived from the way in which we suppose the earth has. Giving validity to the birth of a new way of seeing the world, proposed by the flat earth, as the defenders of this theory are called.

Between geocentric and heliocentric theories

In the 4th century BC, Aristotle, Greek philosopher and polymath, “discovered the curvature of the Earth’s shadow cast on the moon during an eclipse“, While Erastothenes of Cyrene exposed more evidence when calculating the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays at the summer solstice at Siena and Alexandria, which resulted in the Earth being a sphere with a circumference.

Likewise, from the 15th and 16th centuries, astronomers, physicists and mathematicians from different countries studied for years all the phenomena related to the Earth. In this way it was possible to verify that the theories promoted and maintained by the church that the Earth was flat were wrong.

The heliocentric model exposed by Nicolaus Copernicus (S XVI) stated that the center of the universe was not the Earth, which threw the geocentric model that alluded that the Earth was the center and that the sun revolved around it.

Nicolaus Copernicus

The origin of this discussion arose in the 16th century, when Claudius PtolemyGreek mathematician, astronomer, chemist and geographer remained an authority among his followers and other scientists with his geocentric theory, according to which “the Earth was a fixed body located in the center of the universe, moving around it.”

Later, Nicholas Copernicus, a Polish monk astronomer of the Renaissance, who was also a mathematician, astronomer, physicist, Catholic clergyman and economist, with his formulation of the heliocentric theory of the solar system and his book on the revolutions of the celestial spheres, spoke of the inconsistency of geocentric theory.

This theory is based on the fact that the Sun is located in the center of the Universe, and the planets, including the Earth, move around it, which took Copernicus around twenty-five years of research.

On the other hand, the Church maintained a frontal fight against the heliocentric theory of Copernicus, since it rejected and broke with religious dogmas and beliefs, specifically the one that argued that everything was God’s creation. That is, Copernicus overthrew the creationist theory of the Church and gave scientific evidence of something beyond the religious.

Today, philosophers and other stubborn scientists seek to revive Ptolemy’s theory, defeated for many years.

Theories that hold that the Earth is flat

Since the creation of the Flat Earth Society, which emerged in 1956, until 2015 when this movement re-emerged, all studies and demonstrations of the sphericity of the Earth have been questioned. While other followers have refuted any extraordinary event, including that of the roundness of the earth, using conspiracy theories, to show that everything is the product of a game designed and carried out to manipulate and generate anxiety or direct the masses towards determined opinion.

This is undoubtedly one of the reasons used by Flat-Earthers or flat-earthers to claim that for years we have been deceived with the theory of the roundness of the Earth, and that they have more than enough reasons to show that the Earth is flat.

Annually, hundreds of defenders of the flat Earth theory meet to discuss and demonstrate that they are right, and among the theses they defend is the eternal question of where is the curve of the earth, why can’t we see it from any angle.

The flat-earthers, among whom are public figures such as English cricketer Andrew Flintoff, NBA players Shaquille O ‘Neal and Kyrie Irving and ex-footballer Robbie Savage, among others, follow the questions that they constantly throw at their critics, for example:

  • If the Earth is a circle of 40 thousand kilometers in circumference, the surface of all waters should present a certain degree of curvature, since each part must be an arc of the total Earth circle.
  • Likewise, the reflections of the sun and the moon on the water are always in a straight line from the horizon to the observer, which would not be possible on a sphere, but on a flat surface.
  • According to the flat-earthers, guided by the Gleason map, Antarctica is the outer circumference of ice that surrounds the Earth, and that in Antarctica are the ice walls that serve as a container for the oceans.

At this point in the evolution of man, everything advanced in science and technology, and all activities that depend on the shape of the Earth and its consequences, the existence of the flat-earthers could mean one more reason to summon personalities, even scientists who could prove this theory and turn humanity around.

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