WhatsApp Plus what is it and what are its functions?

We know that Whatsapp It has become one of the most widely used instant messaging applications on the planet. It is common for most of us to incorporate it into our daily lives, from communicating with family and friends to contacting customers or online stores.

What many do not know is that there is a version different from the original, which does not belong to Facebook Inc. It is about WhatsApp Plus, popularly known as Blue Whatsapp and which offers a series of additional functionalities, allowing a higher level of customization in the application, which is why it has gained great popularity among WhatsApp users.

What additional functions does WhatsApp Plus offer?

If you are looking for a greater number of options in terms of customization, you may be interested in knowing “WhatsApp Azul”. Installing this app will allow you to get more out of this instant messaging option. Here we tell you more about the additional features you can get:

More privacy

The “viewed” and the latest connections are topics that have become a headache for users of the official application. With WhatsApp Plus you will have the possibility to deactivate these options and many others, such as controlling with greater precision who views your profile photo and your connection, resulting in a much higher level of security.

More emojis

If you are a big fan of emojis, you will surely love the huge variety available in this version parallel to the official one. Of course, they will only be visible to other users of the blue WhatsApp, but in this case, the collection of icons is updated quite frequently so we will always have new options to bring our conversations to life.

Themes to customize

One of the functions that most attracts the attention of users are the themes that completely change the aesthetics of the application, this being the main difference with the original that does not allow changes beyond the background of the chat. You will have at least 1000 different themes with which to express your personality and humor every day.

Maintain the quality of sent files

Within WhatsApp there are limitations in sending images and files as a way to reduce traffic on the servers, while maintaining the fluidity of the platform. With this version your photos would not lose quality when sent and it is possible to share larger files, which also applies for videos.

Incoming call blocking

It also offers the possibility of block incoming calls of certain users or simply choose from your contact list the people you want to call you. This feature adds a layer of security and privacy to our daily routine in the application, since we will no longer have to receive annoying and surprising calls from whom we do not want.

Undoubtedly, for many it has become convenient to use this parallel application. The installation can be done from the official site, downloading the APK file for free.

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