What to see and do in Sydney in 3 days?

The enchanting image of the Opera Sydney lit by fireworks every new year is imprinted on the minds of the world’s tourists. For those who want to visit Australia, this is the top destination as it is well located for visiting the Great Barrier Reef and has a lot to offer on its own.

Let’s see together what to see and do in Sydney in 3 days.

Day 1 in Sydney

To start getting to know the city, a first stop can be the Bondi beach. This city is one of the favorite destinations for surfers for its waves, wind and strong currents. However, there is a guarded area where it is possible to bathe in its beautiful waters. This is the closest beach to the center, well connected by public transport, and in addition to the sand and the sea, there is the possibility of taking a walking tour from Bondi to Bronte, another famous beach.

After eating something to recharge your batteries, the next stop should be the main attraction of the city: the opera. The architectural complex etched in the minds of everyone is simply mind-boggling. You can take a guided tour, but the experience will be much better if you attend a show inside. Closing the day by crossing the bridge and watching the sunset fall over the city is spectacular.

Day 2 in Sydney

Area The Rocks It is the old town of Sydney. You can get there by crossing the Harbor Bridge walking. It is a very well-maintained area, with beautiful houses and premises that are worth admiring. This is an area of ​​historical interest since it was the place where the captain Arthur Phillip founded the colony in honor of Lord Sydney. In addition, it is worth taking a walk through the Circular Quay Harbor and, perhaps, take a boat trip.

On the way back to Sydney, it can be an interesting experience to wander through the city ​​street markets. There are all kinds of them and, without a doubt, they offer unique opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture of the city. Those of Eveleigh, Paddington and that of Glebe they are perfect options.

Day 3 in Sydney

While it is true that many tourists decide to take an excursion to the natural wonders of Australia after a couple of days in Sydney, for those who decide to spend a little more time in the city there is still a lot to do. visit to Queen Victoria Building and its beautiful clocks or a stroll through the botanical gardens of the city are all experiences worth living. In addition to having beautiful views of the city, in these places tourists can relax, or enter tempting shops of all kinds. Another of the must-see monuments on a visit to this fantastic city is the Cathedral of Santa Maria, of neo-gothic style and accompanied by some precious sources worthy of the best postcards.

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