What to see and do in Portland, Oregon

The coast of the United States to the Pacific has many wonderful cities for curious tourists. Between San Francisco and Seattle is the Portland city. Those who prefer to visit a smaller city, with a less busy pace of life, will be able to enjoy its vast cultural offer. This makes Portland a lesser known gem than it should be for many. Let’s see what to see and do in Portland, Oregon.

Tour Portland

Thanks to excellent urban planning, Portland is a great city to walk and the atmosphere of its streets will leave a good taste in the mouths of tourists. There are scenic drives like the Eastside Esplanade that follows the line of the Willamette River and offers beautiful views of the city skyline. Cyclists are not far behind either, as the city’s network of streets is designed to facilitate their transit. You can rent bikes and get bike route maps at the Metro and bus stations.

Portland’s Craft Brewery and Dining

With more than 80 breweries and microbreweries in its metropolitan area, Portland is an ideal destination for craft brewery lovers. You can find local drinks based on hops and barley, whose consumption is appreciated by the most demanding tasters. So much so that the city has been nicknamed “Beervana”, a pun for beer nirvana, in English. This tradition has generated franchises that have spread to other areas of the United States of America.

Not only the local craft brewery is promoted, also the local food consumption. It has more than 600 restaurant trucks licensed to sell street food, in addition to its countless coffee shops. An important detail is that also vegans and vegetarians will find many specialized establishments.

Portland Museums

Portland is a major museum center in many branches of knowledge. Next, we include a list of the most relevant museums in the city.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

As its name implies, it focuses on the natural and applied sciences. In its facilities you can visit samples, laboratories, a planetarium and even a submarine that is part of its permanent collection. It is an excellent plan to spend the day on a rainy day.

Portland Art Museum

It was founded in 1892 and since then it has only increased its collection of works. It currently houses more than 40,000 works on its 22,000 m2 of surface. It features works by painters of universal fame, such as Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet, as well as works of various contemporary artistic styles and from various regions of the world.

Other museums

Other Portland museums worth a visit include the Oregon Museum of History, Pittock Mansion, the Oregon Maritime Museum, and the Oregon Jewish Museum. In addition, tourists can take a visit to the Portland Underground, a series of tunnels that connect the building bases of the oldest structures in the city.

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