What to see and do in Ibiza: the best places on the island

Have no idea where to go for your next vacation? Ibiza It is a dream island in the Mediterranean that has positioned itself as a very popular destination for holidays.

Here you can find everything from exotic beaches to an active nightlife, passing through many charming towns, many shops and restaurants.

Ibiza offers everything a traveler could want, thanks to the diversity and popularity of the island.

Here are some of the best places and activities in this destination that are worth visiting.

Visit the port of the marina

We start with a tour of the port of the city. The landscape of Leisure port, sports port It is made up of hundreds of yachts in the Mediterranean. In addition, the area has many bars and restaurants that make up a place where you can take a moment to enjoy a coffee and the sun.

Stroll through the old walled city

You cannot stay on this island without wandering through the alleys of the Upper Town, a historic place with a timeless atmosphere. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy great views of the marina.

Walk through the hippie market

The market hippie It is one of the places where you know well what Ibiza is. To find out what activities to do on this island, we recommend that you take a tour of this market where merchants sell a lot of hippie clothes and very rare jewelry.

Sunbathe on Salinas Beach

Put on a nice swimsuit and go to the salinas beach, located in the extreme south of Ibiza (near the airport) and known by tourists for its modern beach bars.

Savor the seafood paella

Enjoy this rich and very tasty dish that you can find in most restaurants on the island with pleasant environments.

Enjoy the landscape of Es Vedra

A swim around a mythical site is possible on the southwest coast of Ibiza, in It is Vedra. According to local legends, this island would host marine deities. You will undoubtedly be seduced by the fascinating beauty of this site and it is the ideal place to contemplate the volcanic landscapes.

Know the archeological Museum

If you want to know more about Ibiza, visiting this museum will be very informative. It contains collections that tell the past of this island, from prehistory to the Christian reconquest

Enjoy at Cape on Bora Bora beach club

A day of celebration in the sun will undoubtedly interest you. The Bora Bora It is one of the best places where you can enjoy the festive atmosphere of Ibiza. You can dance and drink as much as you can under the rays of a radiant sun.

Have fun at the Pachá club

Pachá is the oldest club on the island and probably the best place for night lovers. It has gained fame for its dance parties and presentation of prestigious DJs.

With this list of options you now have some ideas about what to do when you arrive on this Balearic island. Ibiza is a true playground for both adults and young people. So now you know! Now you just have to book one of the flights to Ibiza with Liligo and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

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