What to eat and what to see in Italy

At last! Your dream is going to come true. You are going to spend a vacation in Italy but you need know more about culture, places, gastronomy, etc. Don’t worry because your vacation in italy will be unforgettable and we are here to help you know more.

We will begin by explaining that throughout our lives, we have always been told that Spanish and Italian are alike and that we can communicate with each other even if we do not know the language. It is true that the two languages ​​are similar but that we understand absolutely everything, no. What are you going to do or what are you going to see in Italy? We will help you to give you some ideas for know more so you can enjoy your vacation in italy.

What is the most typical in Italy at the gastronomic level? Eat pizza, ice cream, and pasta! We guarantee that you will never have eaten a pizza or ice cream this good in your entire life. That is why annually, they hold contests to find out where the best ice cream in all of Italy and the world is found. Many ice cream parlors boast of this, such as an ice cream parlor in San Gimignano. This small town is located in Tuscany and is surrounded by 13th century walls. In the square, there is a well in which, you can make a wish. It also happens with pizza, annually they make a list in which they collect the 50 best pizza in Italy. One of them is in Caserta, very close to Naples. So, in addition to eating a good pizza, you can visit Naples. This is one of the most populated cities in southern Italy. Naples is a very rich city on all levels. Whether on an artistic, cultural and gastronomic level. What’s more, the city center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will be able to see the famous Vesuvius. This was the volcano that destroyed the famous city of Pompeii in AD 79

However, if you want to eat the best Italian pasta, we recommend that you visit Rome. Since in addition to sightseeing in the Italian capital and delighting in all the history of the city, you can eat the best pasta in the heart of the city. A few meters from the pantheon, there is a restaurant where you can eat very well at an affordable price. You can eat the real pasta… we are already hungry!

Still, it is good to know that Italy has a wide gastronomy and it is not only based on these three things. We have given you the necessary information so that you know where you can eat the best pasta, ice cream and pizza, and also go sightseeing, hallucinate with art, culture and life in Italy. Buon viaggio!

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