What to do to relieve cervical pain?

There are several actions you can take to relieve neck pain, regardless of the origin or causes that have led to these discomforts; These range from taking pain relievers to changing posture in your everyday life.

Soothing, massages and therapies

  • Take painkillers over the counter such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, acetaminophen, or acetylsalicylic acid, whose brand names are on all pharmacy shelves. These are analgesics that are also anti-inflammatory, and therefore relieve the tension produced by inflammation and stiffness caused by pathologies such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, bursitis or tendinitis, among others, although these are not the causes of cervical pain.
  • Apply cold or heat to the area where you feel pain. If the area tends to become inflamed, it is best to apply cold, either ice wrapped in plastic and with a cloth that avoids mistreating the skin, or using cold gel compresses in the painful area.
  • Regarding the heat, this can also be applied using gel packs heat; The advantage of heat is that it acts on the circulatory system as a vasodilator and creates a hyperthermia or a temperature higher than the body temperature that will cause the fibers of the muscles to stretch, while relaxing the muscles that surround the cervicals.
  • The heat can also be used in hot showers, with heating pads or compresses.
  • Try not fall asleep using any of these therapies, either hot or cold compresses, as you could hurt your skin.
  • Massage the painful area: Ideally, you would have someone who can give you gentle massages to relieve neck pain. If you have any gel, cream or oil that facilitates the massage, much better, because it will be facilitating the distention of muscles in the painful area.
  • Make gentle neck movements: Try to relax, take breaths and turn your head in a circle, starting on the right side and then doing the same movements with the opposite side. Always slowly and smoothly.
  • If you tend to get dizzy then close your eyes and try to do the movements more slowly.
  • For sleeping, do it on a stable and firm mattress, and use a pillow that gives your neck stability. If you usually sleep on your back, make sure the pillow is low; If you sleep on your side, then your pillow should be slightly higher to keep your neck level with your body.
  • In the market there are special pillows for neck pain, get one to relieve pain and have a better rest.
  • It is possible that wearing a neck brace Also improve the posture of the neck and with this alleviate neck pain; ask your doctor or pharmacist to find out how long you can use it; In general, the use of this support is recommended for a couple of days and no more than five continuous days.

Some causes of neck pain

  • Using the phone holding it between the shoulder and the head: This posture is usually done almost unconsciously and for long periods, which causes the muscles that surround the cervix and its seven vertebrae to stiffen.
  • It is recommended hold the phone with your hand, maintain an upright posture and avoid tilting your head.
  • Using the computer below or above the eyes: This is uncomfortable and puts strain on the cervix. It is recommended that the screen is located at eye level, so that there is no tension in the muscles.
  • Excess weight on the shoulders: This is very common in women who tend to wear oversized purses (shopping bags) and consequently overload their shoulders. Ideally, the weight of the wallet should not exceed 15% of body weight.

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