What is the Sharing Economy and what are its benefits?

Think about platforms of services and consumer goods that are offered and acquired through the Internet, is to think of a collaborative economy. This is a concept born in the first decade of the 21st century and that has the development of information and communication technologies as an unconditional ally.

The sharing economy as a definition it is a form of benefit between several individuals, and it could be inferred that the concept adapts to any type of exchange in which there are ways to profit through the purchase, sale or provision of services that satisfy the needs of third parties.

Nevertheless, in light of the evolution of both the economy, With the crises that have arisen due to the exhaustion of consumption models, such as the ways of making transactions, then we would be talking about a new form of financial model, in which they play an important role economic gains, collaboration between individuals, the development of knowledge and the production of goods.

Another relevant factor in the sharing economy is trust, the basis of any economic relationship between individuals, as it is about trusting, believing and resting in the other the solution or satisfaction of a need, in exchange for a payment or another good or service.

Some benefits of the sharing economy

  • There are many benefits that this new commercial exchange scheme brings, one of them is the beginning of new business models, in which there are as many new features as there are people, creativity, and needs.
  • Personal growth and personal brand development is another benefit of the sharing economy.
  • An unimaginable range of possibilities for innovation, creation and development of products and ways of making them reach the end consumer.
  • Space for micro, small and medium-sized companies that seek to expand their horizons beyond their physical environment.
  • Optimization of resources, through the agreement between several people who use the same service and who can share costs, materials, supplies, etc.


The sharing economy It is a phenomenon that grows like foam, despite the fact that it represents a challenge for the traditional consumer culture, and presents a range of options that go from home helper, to chauffeurs, through accommodations anywhere in the world, depending on their evolution.

East The economy model works on the basis of the purchase, rental, loan or sale of products and services according to certain needs, in addition to the economic benefits that can be taken advantage of.

Collaboration between travelers

More and more travelers using accommodations in private properties of individuals, leaving aside the options of hotels and related places, through the platform Airbnb.

Arrive on time

The services of Uber have recorded unsuspected gains, as they are used by millions of people in the world to reach their destinations.

Music to infinity

Since 2008 the growth of Spotify it has been unstoppable; today they are millions of people who are subscribed to this platform that plays music via streaming. It is a business model with basic service and advertising, audio quality, and the possibility of listening to music like on the radio, searching by album, artist or playlists created by users.

Vintage Products

Etsy is he e-commerce website, whose particularity are the vintage or handmade products, ranging from bags, clothing, to jewelry, furniture, decoration and a long etcetera, and whose birth certificate must have twenty years minimum.Other examples are: Crowdfunding, form of crowdfunding; Mooc, massive open online courses; Y P2P education, educational exchange online.

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