What is digital marketing and what are its advantages?

Today, the Internet is the main channel of communication, information dissemination and business promotion. It is very important that companies have a consolidated digital presence, since users buy, book and compare prices through the Internet.

To achieve a good digital presence, it is necessary to employ the appropriate strategies. And that’s what digital marketing takes care of. It is becoming increasingly important, that is why it is necessary to understand marketing and know how to apply its strategies in digital advertising campaigns.

what is the digital marketing?

Marketing is an English word that is usually translated into Spanish as marketing. The purpose of marketing is to add value to companies. To do this, it studies the behavior of the market and the needs of consumers and then creates strategies and actions that help companies achieve their goals and improve sales.

Traditional marketing is spread through television, radio, print, and billboards. With the arrival of the Internet and web 2.0, what we know today as digital marketing emerged.

The digital marketing It can be defined as electronic marketing of products and services. In other words, companies use digital channels to understand and satisfy customer needs.

Advantages of digital marketing

Digital marketing offers many advantages that traditional marketing did not offer. Thanks to digital media, it is possible to achieve greater growth and dissemination of your brand quickly and economically. Some of the main benefits of digital marketing are the following:

  • Affordable costs: The Internet is more affordable compared to traditional media, such as television or radio.
  • Specific segmentation: The company can segment the campaign taking into account the behavior of Internet users, as well as their psychological characteristics and sociodemographic data.
  • Better optimization of the campaign: results are more easily measured. You can check the results in real time and correct the campaign or even stop it early without spending the entire budget.
  • There are no geographical limits: your digital campaign can reach people from all continents if you wish.
  • Greater interaction with customers: digital marketing focuses on the relationship with customers. Thanks to the Internet, a great interaction between brands and customers can be achieved.

Channels of digital marketing

There are several channels that you can use in your digital marketing strategy.

  • Blog: It is used to generate quality traffic and, with a good strategy, it allows you to appear among the first results of a search engine.
  • SEO: it is about optimizing the web or blog so that it appears among the first results of the search engines.
  • Video platforms: like YouTube, which is the 3rd most visited website.
  • Email marketing: consists of creating a list of subscribers. It is the channel that has the highest return on investment.
  • Social media: advertising campaigns on social media are very effective. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is very important, which consists of bringing traffic to a website through social networks.

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