What is diarrhea? Symptoms and causes

The stomach is a delicate area and reacts to inappropriate foods, developing complications such as diarrhea. It is necessary to stop it with treatments, using a routine that prevents major diseases.

Today, the emergence of viruses are frequent and dangerous. That is why it is necessary to know how to deal with these anomalies that seek to infect a body in a massive way.

What is the pathology of diarrhea

Diarrhea It is a pathology that consists of repeated stools for limited sections of time. Stomach pain is persistent, as for the stool, they adapt a softer consistency. Depending on the type of complication, the stool may be accompanied by blood, pus, or pieces of food.

It is relevant to maintain a sequence of this complication, that is, a duration of 2 or 3 days does not generate high risks. Definitely, the seriousness of the matter is immersed in a reaction that is manifested in repeated weeks. Developing diseases like:

  • Condition: irritable bowel disorder or more serious.
  • Infection: inflammatory bowel disease.

Symptoms that accompany diarrhea

It is evident that one of the main symptoms is related to liquid stools and persistent daily pain. Although, many times this decomposition is accompanied by some of the following manifestations:

  • Sensation of resorting to the bathroom.
  • Incessant pain in the abdomen and rectum areas.
  • Sickness.
  • Countless number of evacuations performed.

In cases of a high-risk infection, the signs may be:

  • Blood,
  • Fever higher than 38.8 degrees,
  • Dizziness,
  • Threw up,
  • Stools of a dark tone,
  • Dehydration,
  • Malabsorption.

Rotavirus and Travelers How to prevent them?

The symptoms of a dilute bowel movement, depending on the type of virus, can be avoided by following a series of guidelines. With reference to rotaviruses, it is a regular affectation and can be ruled out with the application of two vaccines. The names of these treatments are RotaTeq and Rotarix and they act as protective agents.

Despite containing satisfactory properties that prevent the virus, it is not competent in reacting with already infected individuals. On the other hand, these infections usually occur in people with traveling purposes. The risk is even greater when they visit populations in Latin America or Africa where various bacteria are established in consumer items.

In order to prevent the incorporation of a virus into the body, it is favorable to eliminate actions such as:

  • Drinking liquids from a tap: unfiltered water can contain small particles made up of bacteria. Likewise, brushing your teeth requires drinking water to avoid any possibility of contagion.
  • Consumption of food: it happens that prepared food is a material exposed in the environment. In certain cases, washing is not correct and can cause, in the worst cases, a bacterial extension.

Indeed, a food poisoning is another type of pathology, acquired through contaminated food.

How to avoid a viral affectation?

Actually cleaning your hands will be enough to avoid these bacteria. It is something that seems normal and without much protocol, but requires such guidelines:


With daily routines it is a bit tedious to repeatedly rinse your hands and sometimes you forget. In order to remember this hygiene, it is possible to download an application or set an alarm on the mobile. It is an effective and safe means that allows you to remember the previous washing.

It is important to rinse before and after handling food, since bacteria are experts at moving easily. After sneezing, being in sanitary areas, coughing or any process where the virus can lodge.

Twenty seconds

At the time of rinsing, a recommendation is to do it for 20 seconds. Some people choose to sing a song that lasts that long, such as happy birthday, this song covers an adequate duration to eliminate all bacteria from the hands. It is also wise to use the functions of a stopwatch.


Nothing happens if washing with soap becomes an impossibility at certain moments. Similarly, it is useful to use disinfectants that contain 60% alcohol. When applying it is important to spread in all areas, including; back, fingers, palms and around the nails.

Main causes of diarrhea

The influencing factors will depend on the way of life managed by each individual. Obviously, it is an uncontrollable situation, when the main cause is a virus such as cytomegalovirus. It is not only a provocation of bacteria but also other circumstances related to:


Commonly, in the treatment phase it is necessary to take certain antibiotics to end the disease. However, on some occasions, they produce contrary reactions that affect the functioning of various microorganisms attached to the body. This affects an alteration of the intestinal area, in fact one of the drugs with the greatest impact are antacids.


It is a natural component of fruits to achieve a sweet taste. According to the body of each person, the degree of sweetener can awaken abnormalities that cause stomach pain.


After abdominal manipulation, through surgical operations, eventual fecal pathologies can develop and advance in a dangerous way.

Lactose intolerance

Dairy products can be the cause of irritation, since the integrated sugar is not easy to digest in certain metabolisms. A common product is milk, after consumption it can affect slightly producing gases and continue with fecal decomposition.

What to do for a speedy recovery from diarrhea?

In the first instance, go to a doctor and expose the discomfort presented in the body with total sincerity. Although it should not be necessary when the pain or affectation is not too strong.

To better illustrate: consider an adult with these affectations, the pain is reduced when consuming:

  • Water,
  • Natural games,
  • Caffeine-free drinks,
  • Broths with different vegetables.

With children, it is correct to act in a similar way. In addition, it is advisable to provide oral solutions to recover vital substances discarded.

Establishing a nutritious diet helps fight diarrhea

The intestine is prone to many affectations, eating fried foods increases its complication. Obviously, the body changes to a dehydrated appearance and requires nutritious liquids or cooked solids. With the termination of stomach problems, the individual can add new foods that do not harm their internal state.

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