What is a VPN connection for?

Although it is not a really new matter, the VPN connections They are beginning to become popular with millions of Internet users around the world, because they are beginning to understand the importance that they have thanks to their versatility of use in daily life, especially in matters related to computer security and the elimination of geoblocks.

Next, we will know what are VPN connections, what they are for, what are their advantages and some VPN use cases that will help you better understand the importance of having this service.

What is a VPN connection?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) It is the technology that allows computers and other devices to be connected to each other by creating a private network that uses the internet to transmit information.

It is very similar to traditional local networks, but its “virtual” component is what makes it different, since the members of the network do not have the need to be physically connected to each other, because the network is supported in the cloud.

What is a VPN connection for?

There are many situations where this kind of connectivity comes in handy, but the main uses for VPNs are as follows:

  • Remote work. Employees can access information related to their work, from anywhere they are and fulfill their obligations even when they are not in the office.
  • Avoid censorship and geoblocks. When a computer is connected to a VPN server, it makes the internet service believe that you are connected from a different location than the real one, which allows you to view content that is blocked for your country or region.
  • Security. It becomes an additional layer of security that allows you to protect the information you handle. The security and quality of these connections will depend on the service provider.

Advantages of having a VPN

Regarding the advantages of having a service of this type highlights that it is very easy to use, to connect and also to disconnect. It works with all computer applications as it routes internet traffic without distinguishing its use.

It can be useful if you need to change your geographical location to overcome censorship and information blocks in your country, or have access to information that is only available in certain regions.

As for practical cases that can be given to a VPN connection, there is the possibility of adding a security layer when we are using a public WIFI network.

In this case, we could prevent security breaches, if we need to enter passwords, bank details or any other information sensitive to theft, making our online operations more secure by protecting our identity.

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