What impact do video games really have on our lives?

The video game they have become part of our lives in the blink of an eye. Who has not ever played some kind of video game? The industry has succeeded in winning over people of all ages and is currently so popular that in some countries it has outsold the music industry or publishers.

What has led to this sudden success? Video games are no longer just a combination of stunning graphics, an original plot, and high-quality sound effects. A recent study published in the magazine New Media & Society collected 964 personal stories published by players in different forums to analyze the positive impact of video games in their lives. Researchers came across heartbreaking, exciting, and overcoming stories. In one of them, a man recounted how he had found the love of his life in the gaming world and even announced that they had decided to get married and live together. Another player confessed that the game Final Fantasy VII helped him overcome one of the most difficult stages of his life when he thought of suicide as the only way out.

There has always been a debate around video games and their impact on our lives. There are many occasions in which the use of video games has been associated with aggressive tendencies and antisocial behaviors. However, the negative conception that society has could be about to change, since, according to recent research, video games could be beneficial to gamers.

A study by clinical psychologist Jason Moser revealed that video games are capable of alleviating anxiety levels. Most people who suffer from anxiety tend to try to distract themselves by doing what they like best and video games could be the perfect therapy.

Most games have an online multiplayer mode that also increases social capabilities. It has been shown that playing video games online allows gamers share their hobbies with other players and get to feel identified with people who are in the same situation as them.

Sports are no longer the only ones that can improve visual-motor coordination. There are already several studies that have revealed that action video games could increase the ability to coordinate the vision and movements of our body, an essential element in certain professions. This type of game requires a great capacity for concentration and multitasking that could be transferred to real life.

More and more studies are analyzing the positive impact of video games on our lives. These focus on the study of the components capable of increasing our cognitive abilities in order to continue improving the design of video games. The launch of Fortnite: Battle Royale at the end of 2017 marked a before and after in the industry. After becoming the most popular game of 2018, a recent study has revealed that Fortnite could reduce the insecurity of some children, improve visual-motor coordination and increase social skills. There are only a few months left for the launch of some of the video games most anticipated by gamers: The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding or Final Fantasy VII Remake are just some of the games coming out in 2019 to revolutionize the industry and create a positive impact in our lives.

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