What do gamer eat while playing

When it comes to playing video games, each person’s eating habits can vary greatly. You are not really so focused on the game as to forget a need as great as feeding yourself, but it is quite usual that instead of complete meals, preference is given to quick snacks and sweet foods.

The company Newzoo, which analyzes the market, determined in a recent study that 80% of gamers eat or drink while playing their video games. Of course, consumption habits vary greatly and while some give preference to online candy stores, some others prefer foods that are more complete or with greater nutritional value.

Main difference between professional and amateur gamers

For professional gamers, the hours of dedication for each competition are considered as training sessions and, therefore, the type of diet has to meet certain standards, giving preference to healthy dishes and isotonic drinks with the addition of vitamins to correctly preserve functions. cerebral.

This is the opposite of what usually happens with amateur players, for whom the game is only a source of entertainment that they also tend to share with friends. For them, salty and sweet snacks, candies, chocolates, gum, cookies and soft drinks are part of the daily routine and one more way to enjoy the game.

Consumption habits between regions

From the study carried out by Newzoo we can extract a series of quite interesting information related to the consumption habits of players on each continent. The type of food consumed, the quantity and the frequency varies from one region to another. Even, the percentages can also vary between genders.

According to the study data, American gamers have a marked preference for salty foods, carbonated drinks and non-alcoholic beverages are the most consumed. In Europe something different happens, since the preference for alcoholic beverages in the old continent exceeds the US data by 18%.

73% of European players admit to eating while playing. However, it is the Asians who stand out, accepting that 84% of the players consume food while sitting in front of the console or computer. Of the entire Asian continent, Indonesia is the country where gamers eat the most, with an interesting 93% of respondents who play and eat simultaneously.

What exactly do they eat?

With regard to what players eat, both in Europe and America, they have quite similar behaviors. Cookies, sandwiches and salty snacks, along with soft drinks or carbonated drinks are the preferred combination, although in Europe the consumption of alcoholic beverages is notably increased in players aged between 21 and 35 years.

Asia, for its part, has a much broader result. Water, tea and coffee would be the three most popular drinks among Asian gamers. Japan and Taiwan are the ones that consume the most amount of liquids in the middle of the game. Undoubtedly, statistics that are fascinating for all video game lovers.

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