What are the main airlines in the world?

Since aviation was opened to the commercial world, new ones have not stopped emerging airlines. To be honest, airlines always appear and disappear, others modify their routes according to the needs of the market. In short, there are endless airlines and many times, when we must travel, the difficult thing is to choose one. Let’s see which are the main airlines in the world.

In America

There are many North American companies present in the ranking of the world’s most listed airlines. The first two, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines They are industry pioneers and both have exceeded $ 40 billion in revenue in recent years.

American Airlines

It is a group that offers more than 6700 flights every day To over 300 locations distributed in 56 countries. Has more than 115,000 employees and it has plans to increase its fleet in the short term.

Delta Air Lines

It is an Atlanta-based airline, which flies to 375 cities in 66 countries different. Has around 75,000 employees who work to serve about 170 million passengers every year. It is the US airline with the largest number of transatlantic flights.

In Europe

Europe is home to a very large part of the World Heritage Site and in each country it is possible to find natural or man-made beauties that make it a highly touristy continent. As such, it is normal for two of the largest airlines in the world to be there: these are Lufthansa and Air France-KLM.


It is based in Cologne and is considered the most sought-after airline in Europe, as its revenues have reached exceed 35 billion dollars. He is a member of the alliance Star alliance which has a customer loyalty program, and is the only European airline among the top ten best airlines in the world in terms of quality, evaluated by passengers.

Air France-KLM

It is based in Paris and is the result of the merger between Air France and KLM, which continue to operate their flights under their traditional names. It is one of the most profitable airlines in the world, with more than 225 destinations all over the world. The group also owns 2% of the shares of the Italian airline, Alitalia, since 2005.

In the Middle East and Asia

The countries of the Middle East and Asia have experienced an economic boom in recent times and this is seen in their results, including those of the commercial aviation industry. In Asia, China and Japan have several lines among the most sought after. China Southern Airlines based in Guangzhou has exceeded $ 17 billion in revenue, while All Nippon Airways, based in Minato, exceeded 14 billion dollars.

Emirates is a noteworthy airline, as it was considered the best airline by passengers and has about 3400 weekly flights, To over 133 cities, in 74 different countries. Its service is synonymous with luxury and its income has exceeded 80 billion dollars.

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