What are the benefits of taking ginger?

Ginger is a root that provides various benefits for the body, in addition to being used in culinary recipes for its strong but exquisite flavor. The benefits of taking ginger They range from avoiding nausea during pregnancy, leveling body temperature, relieving sore throats to stimulating metabolism.

What is ginger?

It is an aromatic plant with leafy stems also known as kion. It belongs to the family of tubers, that is, it grows under the ground. One of the most attractive characteristics of ginger is its spicy flavor, which allows it to accompany different gastronomic dishes.

It was formerly found in China, Japan, India, and some Middle Eastern countries, where it gained popularity for local natural remedies.


Among the nutritional compounds that it possesses are the oils lemon, citronellal and camphene. The characteristic spicy flavor of ginger is given by gingerol. In addition, it is composed of vitamins B and C, and minerals such as calcium, aluminum, chromium and phosphorus.

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The health benefits of ginger

Some of the benefits of taking ginger in the day to day they are:

Increase body heat

For people who often suffer from chills or have their body temperature below normal levels, it is recommended to take it to increase body heat.

Helps against nausea

It is beneficial during the first months of pregnancy because it works as a natural antiemetic. If a person feels nauseous, they can have a cup of ginger to ease the discomfort. In cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, the infusion helps too.


Its medicinal use in ancient cultures is mainly attributed to its anti-inflammatory effect. Taking ginger helps fight arthritis, chronic fatigue and osteoarthritis problems.

Stimulates metabolism

One of his Benefits It is the stimulation of the metabolism, which is complemented with other natural infusions such as green tea, to lose weight.


For people suffering from gastritis or diarrhea, it is recommended to take ginger. Naturally, this root works as a gastric protector and relieves stomach discomfort. However, it should not be considered on its own as a medication for the problem, but should be accompanied by a diet corresponding to the discomfort and treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Reduces the occurrence of heart disease

It is beneficial to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Its properties keep the rhythmic levels of the heart in optimal conditions and lighten the pumping of the blood.

Fight throat conditions

Ginger is the ideal companion for professional singers. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, taking it is beneficial for throat infections. Quickly relieves pain and keeps the throat healthy and helps prevent coughing.

Increases libido

Another of the natural characteristics of ginger is its aphrodisiac effects. Taking it daily can increase libido.

Release stress

Due to its composition rich in cineole oil, it helps to release stress and reduce anxiety levels. If the person is going through ups and downs, the ideal is to take ginger to calm the body.

It helps with blood circulation

It helps stimulate blood circulation and therefore adapts to the activities that the body is doing.

Avoid general congestion

In the seasons of climatic changes, having a cup of ginger infusion a day every day prevents bodily discomfort from bacteria and viruses that attack the immune system. In the same way as if the person is already congested, taking ginger helps fight the condition and restore body well-being.

Decreases muscle aches

And the list of Benefits continues because this is ideal for athletes or people who need high performance in their routine. Taking infusions with ginger helps to relax the muscles after exercise, as well as reduces the impact of pain after a lot of pressure.

Calms menstrual discomfort

Precisely for its anti-inflammatory properties, taking liquid ginger is recommended for women who suffer from severe menstrual pain, without presenting side effects on the body.

It helps to sleep

Has relaxing effects, leveling out stress and anxiety. That is why, if you have problems sleeping, it is recommended to take a cup of ginger half an hour before going to bed, to ensure a peaceful sleep.

Helps with headaches

It blocks the effects of protasgladina, a substance that is attributed the inflammation of blood vessels in the brain, and therefore, causes migraines.

Works as a dermatological treatment

In addition to its benefits as an anti-inflammatory and metabolism stimulator, ginger can be applied directly to the skin to combat minor burns and relieve pain.

How to take ginger?

If eating the root raw is the case, 2 grams is enough.

For people who tend to get dizzy on long trips, it is advisable to drink two cups of ginger infusion, accompanied by a teaspoon of chamomile. To prepare the infusion it is necessary to boil the water with the ginger for 15 minutes, then add the chamomile and let it rest for 5 minutes.

Another option is to consume it by chewing a piece of the raw root, but considering its strong and spicy flavor. Those who have a sensitive palate can take ginger in drops, placing 10 drops of its tincture in half a glass of water.

How often should it be consumed?

It will always depend on the needs of each person, but taking ginger on a regular basis does not affect the body, but rather enhances its functions. There are different ways to integrate it into your routine, whether raw, cooked, powdered to accompany tea or with water and blended to serve cold.

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