How to watch Formula 1 online and live: the best pages

The speed, the excitement, the quick tire changes, the cars … Formula 1 it is an exciting sport in every way.

As you are sure by now, the F1 championships are broadcast live on some TV channels, but also on the internet on official websites. In this way, you can follow them from anywhere.

If you enjoy these races, in this article we present some very interesting options to see Formula 1 online.

Which driver will win this time? Hamilton? Vettel? Or maybe there is a surprise?

The best pages, App’s and means to see Formula 1 online

In recent years we have become so used to consuming online content that we also want to watch television online… and we do!

Generally, to watch Formula 1 online, a subscription is required that allows you to be aware of the training sessions, free sessions, qualifying, the starting grid and the race live. As well as the show of the delivery of the Grand Prize after the race.

However, there are other options available, such as television channels that broadcast the races in free-to-air or applications that allow you to follow the race.

If you are a true fan of the motor, you should not miss the news, the real-time ranking, the race calendar, the television program or the score. These platforms allow you to fully and unlimitedly follow F1 races live from your smartphone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

For all this, Here we introduce you to the platforms that will help you watch Formula 1 races live.

F1 TV Pro

The Formula 1 organization launched its new streaming service called F1 TV in order to power watch F1 streaming from PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, Roku, Fire TV and all other devices.

This is a broadcast that is available in the United States, Germany, France, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, and most other countries in South America.

It offers two types of subscriptions. On the one hand, you have access to F1 TV, a subscription level that is not live. On the other hand, you can choose the option of F1 TV Pro, which offers live broadcasts of all F1 races, as well as training sessions.

Due to regional restrictions, Formula 1 fans will not be able to use this medium unless they live in one of the countries mentioned above.

Official F1 app

To the options mentioned above is added the official F1 app. It offers free all the details of the competition; however, it does not broadcast the races live.

Instead, the free version publishes news, rankings, schedule, and vehicle performance on the track. For its part, the premium version offers more detailed information on live races, as well as an interactive 3D map, radio broadcasts and a speed comparison, among many other data.

You can download the official F1 app for free in the Android and iOS stores.

YouTube TV

The next suggestion we have is YouTube TV, a great platform that offers personalized packages according to your monthly subscription. YouTube TV has many channels where you can watch sports, including Formula 1.

The benefits of choosing this platform are plentiful. The function of DVR In the cloud it is unlimited, which means that you do not have a defined number of programs that you can record or a number of hours. Recordings can also be kept for nine months, so you have plenty of time to watch them.

The platform also supports up to three simultaneous streams, and you won’t have to pay anything extra for other devices.

On YouTube also you can get some free live streams. These are accounts that begin to broadcast F1 races; however, they do not usually last long due to legality reasons. If you are lucky, you will be able to enjoy the transmission in good audio and video quality.

TV channels broadcasting the races in free-to-air

Until not long ago, Formula 1 racing could be enjoyed in its entirety through different free TV channels. As you know, in recent times this is no longer possible. However, all over the world there are free-to-air television channels that continue to broadcast the races completely free of charge.

Some of them are the following:

  • In Spanish:
    • Televes and ForoTv in Mexico
    • TVes in Venezuela
    • Gol Caracol in Colombia
  • In other languages:
    • Rai in Italy
    • La Une and La Deux in Belgium
    • RTL in Germany
    • Have in australia
    • NBC in the United States
    • TV Globo in Brazil
    • Shanghai Sports in China
    • Russia 2 in Russia
    • Star Sports 4 in India and Pakistan

Provisional 2021 F1 calendar

You already know the different alternatives to see Formula 1 online. Now we present you the full race schedule that will take place from March to December 2021 in what is the 70th edition of the event. There are 21 competitions that will take place in various cities around the world:

    • 21 March – Australia (Melbourne)
    • 28 March – Bahrain (Sakhir)
    • 11 April – China (Shanghai)
    • 25 April – TBC (TBC)
    • 9 May – Spain (Barcelona)*
    • 23 May – Monaco (Monaco)
    • 6 June – Azerbaijan (Baku)
    • 13 June – Canada (Montreal)
    • 27 June – France (Le Castellet)
    • 4 July – Austria (Spielberg)
    • 18 July – United Kingdom (Silverstone)
    • 1 August – Hungary (Budapest)
    • 29 August – Belgium (Spa)
    • 5 September – Netherlands (Zandvoort)
    • 12 September – Italy (Monza)
    • 26 September – Russia (Sochi)
    • 3 October – Singapore (Singapore)
    • 10 October – Japan (Suzuka)
    • 24 October – USA (Austin)
    • 31 October – Mexico (Mexico City)
    • 14 November – Brazil (Sao Paulo)*
    • 28 November – Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)
    • 5 December – Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi)

Why not watch F1 from illegal sites?

On the other side of the coin, there is a series of websites that broadcast F1 races over the internet for free, but far from any legality. Under no circumstances do we recommend using these platforms for various negative reasons.

First of all, it is about illegal means. Their use automatically promotes illegal activities due to copyright infringement. It is certainly better to spend a little money to hire legal and insurance services or see the races for free but completely legal.

On the other hand, you run the risk of being deceived, since the developers of these sites include viruses that affect the devices or malware that could steal the private data that you have stored on your computer, mobile or tablet. In the end you will end up paying too high a price.


Watching Formula 1 online has gotten a lot easier in recent times. We hope you find at least one platform that meets your needs. With a good internet connection you will be guaranteed a complete follow-up of all the races that will take place in the most important motor competition in the world. You will take your adrenaline to the maximum in each meter of track!

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