Waterfalls in Fortnite: where to find all waterfalls

We have a new challenge in one of the most famous video games in the world! And here we tell you how you can locate the waterfalls in Fortnite to get over it.

You already know several of the challenges that are presented in the available seasons of the game and now you can add another. This time, based on the locations of different waterfalls that will allow you to complete the challenge.

At this point, your strategy and skill are put to the test so you can reach your goal. In fact… you could be successful in just one game! That is if you know the best shortcuts to get to the waterfalls.

Let’s see the details!

What is the waterfall challenge in Fortnite?

The easy answer is that you must go through 7 waterfalls to meet this overtime challenge. Thus, you will be closer to obtaining the battle pass of the eighth season.

But let’s go straight to the test at hand, although it is important to go into details about the game. Where are the waterfalls in Fortnite and how do we get to them?

You should know that, according to how you are playing the game, you will have to take a vehicle to take you to the placer. Because if it’s already started, you probably won’t be able to fly a plane. Which, by the way, is a simple way to take the routes that go through the waterfalls.

In this sense, the following is to draw a route and your options are varied:

  • Balsa Botín: it is by far the best location, well here you can go through three waterfalls without moving much of the site.
  • If you head to Ostentatious Oasis, too you will see three waterfalls. To the southeast of the Fortnite map you will see one of them. Starting from there you will find the remaining two: one to the northwest of your starting point and another in Lucky Landing.
  • Depending on where you are and how to get around, Soto Solitario is also another option.

Other waterfalls and more challenges

We provide you with a small list with exactly seven waterfalls so you can complete one of thirteen overtime challenges. However, other locations that you should not forget are:

  • On the edge of the cliff, both north and south of the river.
  • Villa Vikinga and Soto Solitario.

Also, sure to overcome this part of the video game, your euphoria will grow to complete the other challenges with time. And it is that as you know, you can collect coins in key places and register ammunition in very particular areas. That is to mention simple examples.

The undisputed success of Fortnite

The waterfalls in Fortnite are just a small element, of many that make up the video game. Its popularity lies in the dynamism and at the same time simplicity of the software that allows different game modes.

In addition to this, it has an incredibly growing community and each challenge represents a unique moment. This is because, when completing a new test, players are rewarded in some way.

Remember we mentioned the long-awaited Season 8 Battle Pass? That is a powerful reason to use your wits and quickly visit the waterfalls!

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