Warts: what are they, what types are there and how to remove them

The skin is a frequent organ to manifest a variety of unsightly lesions, such as warts. These with a rough texture, create a feeling of uncertainty and fear because of not knowing what remedies will end it.

Thanks to advances, it is possible to find accessible treatments in pharmacies that end these injuries. While in other cases, it is favorable to incline to surgical procedures.

What are warts?

They are injuries positioned in different areas of the body, specifically they find stay in the epidermis. Regarding their appearance, they lack invisibility, since they stand out from a segment with black dots. These tiny sections correspond to blood vessels made from clotted blood.

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These types of injuries do not represent an alarming situation, they can also be treated effectively. Of course some are benign, free to develop cancer or stimulate exaggerated pain in some cases.

One of the main reasons for their appearances is related to the work area where a person works. Let’s say, companies where they process meat, fish or poultry; here employees are exposed to injuries like these.

Another particular case corresponding to human growth is that of children or adolescents. The process of evolution causes various changes in the skin such as acne and the manifestation of warts. In short, they express certain peculiarities, such as:

  • Tiny and grainy in size.
  • His build is quite rough.
  • The adapted color is white or a shade of pink.
  • They are full of black dots.

How are warts classified?


These measure approximately 1 to 10 mm in diameter, depending on the proliferation these numbers can increase. Similar to other species, it shows certain predominant cracks. Containing in turn, a variety of trapped blood vessels.


The plantar wart contains characteristics that confuse its similarity to the callus. This is due to its frequent location in the area of ​​the foot, heel or even injuries to the fingers.

According to the development of a plantar, this happens when a hyperproliferation of the skin occurs. That spread completely covers the rough textured area, which needs to be removed. That is why when lifting that skin, a dark surface is contemplated, the result of a blockage in blood vessels.


The name fits perfectly with the shape of this round or linear lesion, since its thickness is 2 mm. These lesions begin to appear as a result of constant scratching on the epidermis, with children being the main victims.

Molluscum contagiosum

The mollusk derives from the poxvirus microorganism, it is highly contagious through contact or sexual intercourse. They generally lack an appearance common to a wart, it is smoother and oval in shape.

Methods for Successful Disposal

Depending on medical suggestions, a person can employ the following treatments:

  • Dressings: It is a substance accessible in pharmaceutical premises, which include patches or brushes made of salicylic acid. When spreading the chemical compound on the lesion, the respective patch should be applied quickly. The compound is quite strong, a deviation from the specific place can cause great damage.
  • Cold applicators: the application process requires dedication like the dressings, since damage in healthy areas is predominant. This method works by burning the tissue with a substance capable of achieving a cool sensation on the skin.
  • To be: no matter the pain of a surgery, this is a 100% better method, compared to the others. Undoubtedly, a dressing or an applicator does not require a complicated process, but it does require repeated processes. The laser is an operation that avoids creating strong challenges and also concludes the progress of an injury quickly
  • New patches: is a more updated version, these patches hold the solution in a kind of band that sticks over the obstruction. As long as they are changed daily, the liquid will act and improve the appearance of the injury.

Are there lesions of this type on the genitals?

Yes, some last for a short time, causing slight discomfort. Now, the presence of injuries like these is possible for a long period and require a check-up because it tends to spread. It is relevant to analyze the circumstances, since the body acts against these evils until it is extinguished.

Obviously, a pregnant woman should consult the possibility of eliminating that injury that can be a great pain in childbirth. On the other hand, these are signs of a sexual infection like the human papillomavirus. It is important to stop sexual activity and control that contagion that is easily transmitted.

Depending on the situation of the matter, the specialist should indicate one of the following treatments:

  • Chemical products: essential to stop or eliminate injuries
  • Cream: Applicable mixture on proliferation.
  • Cryotherapy: extinction through cold environments.
  • Electric current: a process to burn.
  • Removal: applying a scalpel.
  • Bleomycin: chemical compound with antibiotics used to fight common warts.

How to avoid a new genital outbreak?

After complying with the treatments and having eliminated any unpleasant lesions on the genitals, there is a final phase. Before, it is relevant to note that the virus is a difficult organism to kill, its disappearance is slow and unexpected. No cure is capable of eliminating it, so it is necessary:

  • Clean the affected area regularly, it is also essential to use unique and germ-free materials. As much as a burning or itching begins to occur, it is better to omit it avoiding a probable infectious contact.
  • These viruses are easy to transmit and even if the cleaning process is correct, it is beneficial to rinse your hands.
  • With predominant discomfort, it is ideal to rule out any sexual act that may cause great discomfort.
  • In the case of inflammation, a cold compress or also, the consumption of painkillers are viable options.

A consultation should not wait

At the moment of perceiving a severe pain or different colors, the injury communicates a need to be checked urgently. The same happens with extensions, impossible to stop applying various treatments. The doctor, analyzing it, can offer an accurate diagnosis and correct treatment, compared to an own analysis.

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