VPN for gaming: facts and myths

The use of VPNs for gaming has more and more fans, but it still seems to drag some detractors who prefer not to use them under the false belief that it will be harmful to them. Online gaming and world-ranked competitive esports have a growing share of professionalism, so let’s break down once and for all the facts and myths surrounding the use of VPNs for gaming. Are they a good idea, or are they not a good idea? Tell us. We leave you our fact-checking.

Myth or Reality? – VPNs make your ping worse when playing online

Myth. A VPN won’t make your ping worse when playing online. In fact, you can improve it. This belief stems from the general idea that a VPN is an intermediary server between your connection and that of the video game server. In the imagination of many gamers, this mediation means that your connection has to travel a greater distance to deliver the data to the destination server, which, in theory, would reduce the ping. However, your usual internet connection already goes through not just one, but through several intermediary servers to reach the destination server. If you want to play a Helsinki-based game, for example, your connection might first go through Paris, then Amsterdam, then Göteborg, and finally Helsinki. On the other hand, with a VPN you can connect more directly to a server in Helsinki, and from there, to your video game server, which will make you have a lower ping than your rivals.

Myth or Reality? – VPNs allow you to improve your performance when playing online

Reality. A VPN won’t make you more skilled playing PUBG Mobile or LoL, that’s for sure. If you are good, you are good, and if you are bad, you are bad (but don’t worry, practice makes experience!). What a VPN can do is reduce your ping and, consequently, your response times when playing games. In especially tight games, those milliseconds of difference can end up being the determining factor between victory or defeat, so yes, a VPN can improve your performance when playing online.

Myth or Reality? – VPNs allow you to play on servers that you normally would not have access to

Reality. One of the most common uses of a VPN is precisely to play online games whose servers are located in other countries, to circumvent the limitations that you may find in your own country or where you are currently. If you have traveled to another part of the world and you miss the servers in your own country, you can use a VPN to continue playing with your compatriots as if you had never left home. And, in the same way, if it seems that your local servers are a disaster or if, simply, the latest expansion of your favorite video game is not available yet in your country, you can connect to servers in Japan or the United States to enjoy your games with the latest updates and on much more stable servers.

Myth or Reality? – VPNs can protect you from possible DDoS attacks while you play

Reality. A VPN redirects your entire internet connection through a server located elsewhere, so that your IP is no longer visible and, instead, the platforms you connect to and the websites you visit will see a different IP. : the one of the VPN server you are connected to. One of the easiest ways to win ranked games is just to read your opponent’s IP address and launch a DDoS attack that, first, greatly slows down their connection, and then takes them down completely. Using a VPN will cause any DDoS attack to be launched not against your PC, but against the VPN’s server. And trust us, a robust VPN is completely immune to any DDoS attack.

Myth or Reality? – VPNs can give you access to exclusive content from other countries

Reality. It is not the most popular use of VPNs, but it is true that it is possible to connect to servers in other countries to purchase skins and other types of exclusive downloadable content from certain regions. It is possible that, to do this, you will also have to create an account in those countries and that the process takes you some time, but, if you really want that exclusive skin from Japan or South Korea, it is very likely that you can get it thanks to your VPN.

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