How to view the Fortnite store without entering in the game

Do you want to know the Fornite store today? There is a website where you can discover all the daily content of the exclusive and popular game developed by Epic games. In the Fortnite store you can buy all the available objects of the day and you can even see what was available in previous days and also make your purchase.

Without a doubt, this is the best way to stock up on Skins and any other product in the store when you don’t have your console handy or you just don’t want to enter the game just to check the availability of items for the day. The procedure is quite simple and we will tell you how to visit the store without entering the game in the following lines.

How to see the Fortnite store updated live?

The procedure is quite simple, all we will have to do is enter the link of the Fortnite store today and you can directly view the daily objects of it and the variety of Skins available for immediate purchase, through a fairly simple procedure that eliminates the need to enter the game.

Another popular method of viewing the store live was by going to Twitch and visit one of the channels that broadcast live content related to the store, which attract hundreds of viewers when they start the tour. Although there are many channels, the one who really started the trend was the user called CabaSC.

What is the store update schedule?

The update time it is an important factor for everyone who visits the store to see what is new in it. Some of the update times set for the Epic Games game are as follows:

  • Spain: 1:00.
  • Canary Islands (Spain): 00:00.
  • Mexico City (Mexico): 18:00.
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina): 20:00.
  • Santiago de Chile (Chile): 19:00.
  • Bogotá (Colombia): 18:00.
  • Lima (Peru): 18:00.
  • Montevideo (Uruguay): 20:00.
  • Caracas (Venezuela): 19:00.
  • La Paz (Bolivia): 19:00.
  • Guatemala City (Guatemala): 17:00.

What are the items in the Fortnite store that change daily?

Let’s say that the objects displayed each day are displayed and selected in no particular order. In general, the first thing that we will find in the store are the skins (costumes and clothing of the characters), hang gliders, spikes, dances, gestures and you can also observe the availability of backpacks, toys and more.

Of course, you must bear in mind that not everything that is shown in the store will be new, being possible to find most of the times objects that have been available for weeks or months or that were previously withdrawn from the store and returned some time later to limit a bit the offer.

There are times when information leaks occur by Epic Games and it is possible to know exactly the type of product that will be available or will be launching on a certain date, but this is not common and therefore there is a lot of interest on the part of the Players frequently access the store.

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