Videogames 2019: which are the most anticipated

It’s never too early to be on the lookout for the next installments of the best games for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The videogames 2019 The most anticipated might seem excessively distant at this point. But time doesn’t wait for any games, and the biggest hits of the coming year will be here before you know it.

Rather than keep us waiting for nothing, some developers have been kind enough to explicitly announce that their games are coming in 2019. The following titles are incredibly exciting, but don’t expect to play them this year. Plus all the confirmed games of 2019We have also advanced some that we are 99.99% sure will not debut this year.

Video Games 2019: In the Valley of Gods

Platform (s): PC

Developer Campo Santo (now owned by Valve) made a name for himself with his debut game Firewatch, a beautiful story set in the lonely and scenic Wyoming wilderness. The study’s second game takes the same first-person frame, but transports us to a totally different time and place: ancient ruins in Egypt around the 1920s. You’ll play as Rashida, documenting an adventurous dig alongside her fellow traveler Zora capturing everything on 35mm black and white film. In The Valley of Gods promises a gripping narrative and a hell of a historic setting.

Video Games 2019: The Last of Us 2

Platform (s): PS4

The Last of Us 2 picks up on Joel and Ellie’s story five years after the original game. While survival in a post-epidemic world will remain the game’s key theme, we know very little else … other than the fact that Ellie is seriously pissed off by something that is revealed in the trailer.

Fan theories suggest that Joel is really dead and Ellie is just imagining it, but we won’t know until Naughty Dog reveals more. Don’t hold your breath for it to come out in 2018 though, it is known to be still in its early stages of development.

Video Games 2019: Anthem

Platform (s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

Anthem is essentially EA’s answer to Destiny: a shared world shooter that aims to immerse players in a gigantic science fiction universe. You play as a Freelancer (don’t call them Guardians) engaging in third-person Mass Effect-style shootouts, armed to explore and exterminate gigantic alien biomes. Unsurprisingly, there is an emphasis on play for up to four player co-op and the quest for increasingly impressive loot. It’s also promising to hear that Anthem will be written by the author of KOTOR and the first two Mass Effect games. Fingers crossed, Anthem will sidestep all the controversy that plagued Star Wars Battlefront 2 by completely omitting the randomly acquired loot boxes.

Video Games 2019: Days Gone

Platform (s): PS4

If you think the zombies have been wiped out, well… you’re right, but that’s not going to stop Days Gone, exclusive to PS4. The enemies in this post-apocalypse open world are not technically undead. The Freakers are infected humans ready to devour our hero Deacon (Sam’s voice in English and modeled after Witwer, who could be recognized as Starkiller from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed). What really differentiates the horde of Freakers, is the number that can chase you at the same time; there are times when they practically completely flood the screen, and all you can do to survive is just run.

Video Games 2019: Metroid Prime 4

Platform (s): Switch

Did you know that a series is popular when a trailer that shows literally nothing more than a numbered logo can reach 2 million views on YouTube. At E3 2017, Nintendo dropped a bombshell finally confirming that Metroid Prime 4 is currently in development for Nintendo Switch. As always, Nintendo will surely not reveal its ace until such a time when we least expect it, but when we finally get a first teaser for the game, prepare to be surprised.

Video Games 2019: Psychonauts 2

Platform (s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

The original Psychonauts is the cult classic type loved by all who play it, and it sets the tone for all subsequent Double Fine games. Funny, quirky, imaginative, and relentlessly smart. Now, more than a decade after debuting their first Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp adventure, Raz, Lili, and the elite members of the Psychonauts are back with another 3D platformer adventure. Psychonauts 2 promises more mental dynamism as Raz explores, runs and jumps around the inner thoughts of idiosyncratic, often hilarious characters.

Videogames 2019: Ghost of Tsushima

Platform (s): PS4

Sucker Punch surprised us all when it revealed Ghost Tsushima out of nowhere. A history of ancient Japan of samurai from the studio that brought you the Infamous and Sly Cooper series. In this game you play a samurai, still without a name, who fights for his life against the invading forces of the Mongol Empire, experiencing real historical events that began in the year 1274. Prepare for intense hand-to-hand combat in a large open world of the Feudal Japan.

Video Games 2019: Cyberpunk 2077

Platform (s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

We’ve heard little about Cyberpunk 2077 since its cinematic trailer in 2013, but it promises a dystopian future in true Blade Runner style with RPG elements like Deus Ex-like. This central concept promises a world even bigger than that of The Witcher 3. We do not have more information, but it is more than enough to show our maximum interest in this long-awaited video game.

Video Games 2019: Death Stranding

Platform (s): PS4

Death Stranding is the first game of Hideo kojima after the Metal Gear franchise, and it’s exclusive to PS4. Naturally, from the hand of Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen. The trailers have been incredibly enigmatic thus far, but fans are already tearing them apart for a hidden meaning. This is the best breakdown you’ll ever read, but if you want the TLDR version: Kojima is preparing another high-quality action adventure on a really big budget.

Videogames 2019: Bayonetta 3

Platform (s): Switch

Nintendo made Bayonetta 2 possible by funding a Wii U sequel, and now it’s giving Platinum fans more of their favorite witch with a third game on the Switch. All we have so far is a short cinematic trailer, but its implications are dire: Bayonetta gets caught in a losing battle under a blood moon, deprived of her weapons (and possibly her legs) by a mysterious enemy bathed in purple flames. It seems your third person action combat skills are about to be tested like never before.

Video Games 2019: Beyond Good & Evil 2

Platform (s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

At last, Michel Ancel and his team at Ubisoft have confirmed one of the most anticipated and requested sequels of our time. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is actually a prequel from Jade and Pey’s journalistic escapades in the original game, taking on a much larger scale in a cyberpunk. A Luc Besson future full of high-tech ships and anthropomorphic animals.

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