Valorant Weapons and Maps: Tips for Mastering the Game

This title is an action installment of the tactical type. Therefore, if you are in search of knowing how to get the best weapons and maps of Valorant, It is important to keep in mind that the supernatural powers of delivery are completely free.

This game was engineered by Riot Forge and Riot Games to be used on the computer and to be one of the best. The various characters available have endless abilities and weapons. They will be of great help to you to finish with the rivals that battle with the speed of the wind.

Learning the use of Valorant’s weapons and maps

The procedure to download Valorant is very simple. To do so, you simply have to go to the game’s website and start downloading the executable.

This video game is free to play, therefore, you will not have to pay to obtain it. However, at more advanced levels, if you want a special item, you will have to pay for it.

Before you begin to enter these magical worlds, you need to know everything about the weapons and maps of Valorant.

They have been available since the day of their launch, last year in June. Therefore, below we leave you a small list with the best recommendations that will allow you to be a winner:

The agents

It is one of the most important points when playing Valorant. You will have a great variety of characters. These make the gameplay more attractive and varied.

Each of the agents is part of a style and class of play. In addition, they have with their own abilities to be used in extreme situations. You need to learn to play with all of them, depending on the following details:

  • Agents with great experience: a list that goes from the most basic to the experienced ones to be used at extreme levels.
  • Character Unlocks: Although not all of them are available from the start of the game, there are several very simple ways to make them yours and completely free.
  • The compositions: it is advisable to make groupings of teams that will be used in the different game tactics.


One of the most important aspects is the weapons and maps of Valorant. Since they are the fundamental pillar of any type of shooter.

In the inventory you can get up to seventeen weapons, including pistols, shotguns, snipers, machine guns and rifles:

  • Pistols: you can find the Classic, Shorty, Frenzy, Sheriff, Ghost, Stinger, Smgs, Specter.
  • Shotguns: Bucky, the semiautomatic type. And Judge, automatic.
  • Rifles: Guardian, Bulldog, Phantom, Vandal.
  • Snipers: Operator and Marshal.
  • Heavy machine guns: two precise weapons named Odin and Ares.


To start playing the game, you need to know in detail all the weapons and maps in Valorant. In relation to the maps they are a focal point to overcome the levels of the game.

Since its inception, it has availability of 4 different maps. Each of them represents a challenge to overcome, both for defenders and attackers. We briefly detail them below:

  • Bind: It is set in an architectural area of ​​Arab origin. It has portals with teleports.
  • Ascent: It is the floating city that is located in the center of the clouds, it has a unique Venetian style.
  • Ice box: an icy map that is positioned in the Arctic, specifically in some secret excavations.
  • Haven: the most complex and extensive map. It is located in a town with Japanese airs.
  • Split: an eastern locality in the nether worlds.

Strategies and tips

Valorant is quite a novel title, compared to the other games from Riot Games. The style it presents is very similar to the famous and classic “Counter Strike”.

Therefore, it is important that you take into account the strategies that you will use in each of its levels. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, it is convenient to explore all its gameplay keys.

The shopping phase is important, since it is necessary to learn how money is managed at the beginning of the rounds. You must also take aim into account, because you have to practice until you find the techniques that will make you finish off opponents with a single shot.

Coins and shops

Like other games of its kind, Valorant has its virtual store. Moreover, they also have a couple of iconic coins of the place. Also, as is common in these genres, Valorant’s weapons and maps are numerous, but the special designs, sounds and visuals are not far behind.

These traditional coins of the town are:

  • Valorant Point: It is a special currency that can only be obtained with real money. This is ideal for buying exclusive items, objects and designs.
  • Radianite: It is a type of free currency that you get by playing and passing the levels. They are used to unlock some improvements to the designs of the Valorant weapons and maps.


The video game is the ultimate experience in the world of shooter competition. All of their games are ranked and were created to keep the player excited and motivated.

Regarding the division of the ranks, they are made by groups. So it will depend on teamwork to move down or up the divisions.

Important data

It is necessary that you know some aspects that will help you to be an expert playing Valorant. There are obstacles or situations in which most players often fail. So we provide you with some information that will be very helpful in this process:

  • Pass the battles: the amounts of rewards that can be yours and all the models that exist.
  • Platform: In this section they will give you the details of the versions that are available of the game. As well as the upcoming updates to come.
  • Error code: located on the main page, there is a section where the common failures and the most successful solutions are compiled.
  • Riot Vanguard: makes mention of the anti-cheat systems of the video game, about its installation, functionality and deactivation.
  • Drops: a clarification of how access to the beta of the game is obtained in due course.

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