Tricks to defeat and summon the bosses of Valheim

If you want to defeat and summon the Bosses of Valheim, don’t miss this guide that we have prepared for you. This video game has quickly become a massive hit.

Those who have had a chance to play it are looking forward to the new updates. Thinking that with this it will become the survival title most used by players.

Steps to summon Valheim bosses

There is a great diversity of beasts to fight and summon the bosses of Valheim in the fabulous Viking lands. There are 5 types of these warriors. Which will make their appearance only if we follow some certain steps. So below we mention some recommendations to achieve it:


This is the first boss of Valheim, who is nothing more than a magical deer, essential to the progress of the campaign. Among its rewards, you can find key objects for the construction of the peak. This item is a tool that you will use frequently throughout the adventure.

When you are in a certain area of ​​the grasslands on the map, it is advised that you look for the altar of Eikthyr. In that place, you can start with the invocation, remember to place 2 trophies to the deer. Later, the battle against this powerful creature will begin.

The attacks of this boss are three and are mentioned below:

  • First, an electrical fight begins with distance.
  • The second refers to a forceful blow that is performed only when you are close to it.
  • In the third point a lunge with horns, also important for close combat.

Similarly, you can use a bow, but you would not achieve the same number of lives. Also, in certain cases, you could be exposed to long-distance attacks.


When summoning Valheim bosses, this is second on the list. Its height is extreme and the attacks are forceful. Likewise, It is essential that you take precautions when approaching, as it is quite powerful.

You will have to interact by the runestones present in the burial chambers. In this way, it will reveal to you where the altar is located. Being there, you need to burn the three ancient seeds. You will get them under the possession of all of greydwarf’s rivals.

With the defeat of this boss, you will achieve a swamp key. This element is perfect to open the crypts, located in the swamp biome. At the same time, you will achieve great improvements and trophies.

The best way to go into combat is with a collection of fiery arrows and bronze armor. In this step, you should already master the dodge, you will need them to prevent long-distance attacks.

Pay attention to the roots and shoot all the fire arrows that you consider necessary. While avoiding the projectiles, you have to keep a safe distance so that you avoid the stomps.


He is the boss who ranks number three in Valheim. This is the one that puts the hardest things in the game. It has an attack that has the ability to poison the air. Likewise, they can also summon enemies that will make your life miserable during battle.

To be able to summon this boss you will have to previously have defeated The Elder. Because, it would be the only way to earn the keys necessary to enter the crypts of the swamp. In that place, there will be the runic stone, which will be the one that will mark the location of the altar of this chief.

The rewards of summoning the bosses of Valheim, in this case are:

  • Upgrades
  • Trophies
  • Minerals
  • Hidden chests, among others.

Similarly, Bonemass has a melee attack that can do a lot of damage.

This can also poison the air of the combat area, to call the enemies that will complicate the play. The only way to defeat him is by using heavy weapons like iron hammers, maces and, of course, protect yourself with good armor.


In the fourth place, we find a dragon with devastating attacks. Therefore, when summoning the bosses of Valheim, this is one of the strongest. From a distance, it slows down players and freezes them with its strong breath. Also, of the powerful projectiles that it launches during the flight.

To do the process you need to move to a mountain biome. Being in that place, you will explore some stone buildings that serve as habitat for the draugrs. When you find a runestone, this will be the one that gives you the location of the boss altar.

On the other hand, you have to collect the dragon’s eggs from the nests, which are three in total. However, be careful because they can weigh around 90 kg. Usually, Moder is defeated with ranged fights, using arrows and bows of any kind.

Fight patterns are very easy to avoid and memorize. Therefore, it is a matter of you having patience so that you can overcome it. After you get it to fall, as a suggestion, place a trophy on top of the sacrificial stone.


The last to summon the bosses of Valheim is Yagluth. It is a huge skeleton that crawls towards you, while launching you all kinds of attacks. It is not easy to finish, and you must be vigilant in that powerful fight.

To reach the goal, you will first have to enter the plains to look for a tablet located on some high stones. These are elements that release the fulings that are located there and that have an aesthetic identical to the goblins.

Remember that this is the final boss and therefore contains a mix of all the moves. The attacks are melee and fists that could deal damage at a higher range. Also, on occasions, It can also summon heavy rain, laden with meteorites.

From the moment you defeat Moder, you will position yourself with the Dragon Tears, necessary to acquire black metals. They are the best resources, especially when you have to create new armor. It is important that you carry healing potions, and plenty of food.

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