Top Gun: Maverick, everything we know about the new Tom Cruise movie

The idea for a sequel to Top Gun dates back to 2010, when Paramount Pictures made the proposal to the producer of the original film, Jerry Bruckheimer. As well as director Tony Scott to carry out the project. This is how the proposal of Top Gun: Maverick.

The project was stopped when Scott’s suicide occurs. But Bruckheimer and Cruise continued to maintain conversations throughout all this time to specify the possibility of recording the second part.

It was until May 30, 2018, when the main actor of the film, Tom Cruise, announced on his social networks the start of filming for Top Gun: Maverick.

If you liked the first story, launched more than 30 years ago, then you should not miss this sequel. It promises to be packed with lots of action and drama. Here’s everything we know about Tom Cruise’s new movie, Top Gun: Maverick.

How did Top Gun: Maverick come about?

In April 2012, Adam Goodman who was then the president of Paramount Pictures stated that Peter Craig was writing a script for a sequel to Top Gun. Like its original version, it would feature Jerry Bruckheimer as producer, Tony Scott as director, and Tom Cruise as lead actor.

A few months later, in November 2012, the unfortunate news of Tony Scott’s death is released. This situation resulted in the project being canceled and waiting to be resumed soon.

Nevertheless, It took two years for Top Gun: Maverick to be rescued from oblivion by Paramount, even by Bruckheimer himself. They were in charge of hiring Justin Marks, to work on the original script.

After so many inconveniences, in 2017 it was actor Tom Cruise who made an announcement. Ensuring that now the filming of the long-awaited sequel would take place in mid-2018.

What is the plot of Top Gun: Maverick?

The story centers on the character of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. He is an experienced Navy pilot with more than 30 years of service. He serves as a test pilot, while continuing to ignore a climb that would permanently establish him on the ground.

Maverick is training a group of pilots, who have been assigned a dangerous mission. Suddenly he realizes that within the group is Lieutenant Bradley Bradshaw, alias Rooster, the son of his late friend Nick Bradshaw, alias Goose.

We will see sequences of a lot of aerial action and loaded with drama. Maverick will find himself at a crossroads where he must face an unsuspected future and fight the fears of the past.

How is the Top Gun: Maverick team made up?

In 2017, it was announced that this film is made by the hand of director Joseph Kosinski. He has previously worked with actor Tom Cruise, on the set of Oblivion in 2013. He is known for his work on the filming of Tron: Legacy, Heroes in Hell and for his beginnings in the Gears of Wars trailer.

Kosisnski is not alone in the hard work of filming Top Gun: Maverick. It has a great team of professionals trained and willing to meet the strict demands of the director.

The writing team consists of the talented Christopher McQuarrie, Eric Warren Singer, Ehren Kruger, Craig and Marks.

Regarding the direction of photography, it is the 2013 Oscar winner for his work on La vida de Pi, Claudio Miranda.

Assembly, design and band

The editing will be in charge of the experienced editor Eddie Hamilton, who is an expert in action montages. He is recognized for his work on Mission Impossible, Kingsman, The Golden Circle, X-Men: First Class, and Kick – Ass.

The film’s production design will be carried out by Jeremy Hindle, who has done very little work, but among them Detroit and The darkest night stand out.

The soundtrack of Top Gun: Maverick, will be in charge of Hans Zimmer. In addition, he will work with composer Harold Faltermeyer, the creator of the compositions for the original version.

Cast of Top Gun: Maverick

In this sequel, you will be able to see characters that are already part of the original story and new ones that will bring a fresh air to the plot.

The confirmed names that will be part of the cast of the new sequel Top Gun: Maverick are:

  • Tom Criuse.
  • Miles Teller.
  • Jennifer Connelly.
  • Jon Hamm.
  • Glen Powell.
  • Lewis Pullman.
  • Charles Parnell.
  • Bashir Salahuddin.
  • Monica Barbaro.
  • Jay Ellis.
  • Danny Ramirez.
  • Greg Tarzan Davis.
  • Ed Harris.

Tom Cruise will repeat with the lead role of Maverick. Another character that is expected, but not yet confirmed, is the Iceman, who was Maverick’s rival pilot in the original story, played by Val Kilmer.

New roles appear, such as the one played by Miles Teller, the son of the pilot Goose, Maverick’s best friend who has passed away, so he becomes his protégé.

For her part, Jennifer Connelly can be seen in the trailer for Top Gun: Maverick. However, not many details of the character she plays are known, it can only be said that she is a single mother who works in a bar and that Maverick awakens a certain attraction.

Trailer and release date

Till the date, Paramount Pictures has only released a scant promotional material, consisting of two official trailers and posters of Top Gun: Maverick.

After the filming of Top Gun: Maverick began in 2018, an official release date was announced for July 12, 2019. Later, it would be rescheduled for June 24, 2020.

As a result of the state of alarm, implemented by the health crisis due to covid-19, there was a restructuring of the possible release dates. Therefore, the company announced a premiere for December 23.

But due to changes in the Hollywood calendar, the last scheduled date is the July 2, 2021.

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