Top 5 Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Sea it is an earthly paradise in which it is always summer. Its beautiful beaches, many of them virgin, its flora, fauna and its towns make the visit unforgettable for any tourist. It is the ideal place to disconnect from all the worries of daily life in continental countries.

Here we leave you our list with the 5 best islands in the Caribbean.



This island is a Dutch colony in the Caribbean Sea. Aruba it has beautiful beaches of fine sand and facilities for the enjoyment of the whole family: nightlife, casinos, but also luxury resorts to relax.

St. Lucia

This small island in the eastern Caribbean surprises tourists with its spectacular natural landscapes, between jungles and beaches. Yes OK St. Lucia It has tourist structures of the highest level for those who want to relax, this island is also ideal for those who have an adventurous spirit, since they can enter the Pitons Mountains, an important Ecological Reserve or practice immersion in its beautiful coasts.

Dominican Republic

This island represents a more affordable tourist destination, since the offer of tourist packages at competitive prices is abundant. Like other islands, the Dominican Republic combines nightlife, relaxation and nature on its beautiful beaches. The tourist area par excellence is Punta Cana, where you can practice diving or snorkeling in one of the longest reefs in the country.

If you want to visit colonial sites and enjoy a little of the urban life of the island, then the destination par excellence will be its capital, Santo Domingo. If, on the contrary, you want to enjoy an exclusive vacation, the Cap Cana area allows you to embark on a yacht, practice golf and taste the highest level dishes of the Dominican Republic.


Besides being the homeland of singer Rihanna, Barbados it is an island with a tourist offer to satisfy all tastes. Bridgetown is a city with historical sites from the colonial era but also a very busy urban life. Among the island’s top attractions are Mount Gay Rum Distillery, the world’s oldest brand, and Harrison’s Cave, an incredible natural formation.

Tourists will find that the island is multifaceted also in its offer of accommodation and cultural activities within reach of all budgets. Best of all, without a doubt, are the beautiful turquoise water beaches that also offer spectacular waves for surfers who come from all over the world.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico It is also known as “the island of charm” due to all it has to offer and the good vibes of its people. In San Juan you can taste the gastronomic specialties of the island: rice with beans, pernil, coquito, among other dishes, served by friendly Puerto Ricans willing to make the tourist’s stay a pleasant experience.

As for the beaches, there are them for all tastes. Those that are in the keys near the island are recommended, as they are little explored and allow you to enjoy a relaxing day immersed in the turquoise waters or submerge yourself to appreciate the beauty of the Caribbean corals up close.

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