Tips to take care of varicose veins when the heat arrives

Summer has arrived and, of course, accompanied by high temperatures. For most people this is not a major inconvenience, being in fact one of the times of the year that they most enjoy being able to do many outdoor activities. However, for those who suffer from varicose veins, the heat generates some complications due to its effect vasodilator.

For this reason, we present you some tips to alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins when the heat arrives. A compendium of recommendations that you can apply in your daily life to minimize the negative effects of heat if you suffer from venous insufficiency. By following them to the letter, you can avoid the discomforts that often occur during heatstroke.

Tips for caring for varicose veins during the summer

Really, the best advice that can be given to take care of varicose veins in summer, would be to completely avoid direct exposure to the sun and staying in environments that are too hot, but in the case of a time when we love outdoor activities, Exposure to UV radiation is inevitable, therefore, we leave you some recommendations.

Refresh your legs with a cold towel

If you are at the beach, pool or any outdoor activity, try to cover your legs with a towel and stay in the shade as long as possible. You must not stop enjoying the ride, just avoid excessive radiation exposure that can generate the dilation of the veins and, consequently, the usual discomfort of those who suffer from varicose veins.

Covering the legs with a towel, preferably if it is damp, is the most practical solution available. We are only talking about a bit of caution, enough to avoid further complications.

Use cold effect creams

The use of cold effect creams and of venotonic properties or phlebotonics What Venosmil It is an excellent alternative if you want to keep varicose veins under control and avoid the development of discomfort in the middle of heat stroke. The Hydrosmine, the main component of this cream, has the ability to increase the resistance of blood vessels.

As a consequence of its constant use, the tone of the veins increases and the discomfort decreases considerably, even when high temperatures are present. This has made it one of the most efficient preventive treatments for varicose vein care and symptom relief.

Apply sunscreen

The incidence of UV radiation is a determining factor in venous insufficiency symptoms and not just heat. By exposing our legs directly to the sun’s rays, a powerful vasodilator effect is generated, but we can avoid this by applying a generous layer of sunscreen with a high factor.

In this way we will have a guarantee that UV radiation will not have harmful effects on blood vessels. If you go to the beach or the pool, it is important to constantly renew the layer of sunscreen after each bath.

Put your legs up

If you are rested and you have the possibility, put your legs up and thus you will promote correct blood circulation. Remember that when we are on the beach taking a break, we may spend many hours sitting. Find where to support your legs and keep them suspended above the height of the rest of your body and you will avoid nighttime discomfort.

It is also a good idea if you keep active every so often. Instead of spending hours in your seat doing nothing, take a step, practice some sport or gentle activity that encourages the return of blood to the heart.

Cold water baths

Whenever possible, give yourself some ice water baths throughout the day. If you are in the pool or the beach, this is quite simple, because you have plenty of water available to refresh your legs every hour, but otherwise, you can take a cold shower when you get home. It is quite likely that with this step you can avoid discomfort at the end of the day.

Finally, one of the most important tips is to maintain hydration throughout the day. Whether you stay at home or decide to take a walk, it is always important to ingest the necessary amount of fluids so that all organs and tissues work the way they should. Moisturizing the epidermis is also a necessary matter in these cases.

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