Tips for winning the Fall Guys minigames

The Fall Guys minigames are becoming more famous every day, and little by little they become the most played. From the moment you start using it for the first time the fun will have no limit. Although everyone who plays wants to win, the important thing will always be to have a good time.

By conquering the Fall Guy levels, you will get crowns and points that you can later exchange for suits. So follow all the steps indicated, so that you become an expert when going through the hoop.

Play and win the Fall Guys minigames

Since you start to enjoy the Fall Guys minigames, you will want to know all of them strategies for gaining experience.

Levels are sometimes difficult to master, and in the end this can be a bit frustrating. For this reason, here are the best recommendations to overcome obstacles and win.

Calculate the jumps

From the moment you start playing the Fall Guys minigames, you will realize that the controls and movements are simple. The game mechanics focus on running, grabbing and jumping. It is very important that you familiarize yourself with the jumps, remember that the limbs of the characters are very short. So practice and practice until you become an expert.

Visualize carefully the scenarios and what you will have to do to progress in the game. In the upper area you will get one of the Fall Guys minigames where jumps are decisive.

Falling heads to get far

In the video game, not everything is jumping, you also have the option of throwing yourself forward. Depending on the level you are playing, this technique can be very useful. For example, in the minigame where you must destroy doors it is better to throw your character against the target.

If you do not apply this mechanic, there may be some inconveniences, such as getting stuck in one of the doors. Another reason to go headfirst is to get a boost for the finish line.

Doing this move is much more agile than running and even jumping, which is convenient for qualifying. But be careful! Because if you fall it will take a considerable time to regain energy.

Time is valuable, don’t waste it

Most opposing players will only focus on getting you out of the game. Just go play, and do not try to sabotage other competitors. By doing this, you will end up hurting yourself, because you will fall behind and could even end up eliminated.

Union make force

In certain Fall Guys minigames, working together is the key to winning. Even though playmates are almost always your rivals, this is not the time to fight each other. You need to qualify and thus overcome all the tests and obstacles along the way.

You have to try not to play aloneRather, he collaborates with other colleagues. As a recommendation, always stay alert and do not lose sight of them. Knowing where they are located will allow you to better understand how you could help them.

Be calm and patience

Every time you start one of the Fall Guys minigames you have to do it with dedication. Let the others rush and you will have some freedom to run. Most of those who start the level end up stumbling and falling, these will be eliminated on the spot.

The biggest mistake Fall Guys players make is believing that by taking the lead they will qualify. But this is not the case, rather you will fall many times and others will push you without any remorse. AND The secret is to think carefully about each step, for the desperate are the first to lose.

Choose alternate paths

When you fall, you will almost likely visualize the paths that exist below. You may also notice that other players find shortcuts, grab surfaces, or make new rounds. Keep in mind that Fall Guys do not repeat paths constantly.

The recommended strategy is to go for the long runs and from there try to take all the shortcuts. Remember that it will also depend on the situation that arises at that time. When the route is full of players it is useless to follow that same path.

If, on the other hand, you are among the first places, it will not be useful for you to play the classification either. Try to take the hard ways especially those that are classified among those with more than 20 opponents.

A cheat for each Fall Guys minigame

Before starting to play this video game, you need to know about its rules. Each of these has its tricks, and the correct approach to be able to overcome them. When starting games don’t just think about winning, just focus on knowing or exploring.

Always try that the stage is in your favor, in addition to thinking about the techniques you will use to reach the goal. Another important tip is to watch the videos of other experienced players. Just by looking at them, you will detail the tricks that will be of great help in more advanced levels.


There are four different phases to use in the different Fall Guys minigames and they are as follows:

  • Hexagony: in this section you follow a path where the tiles begin to disappear as you advance. Try to observe where others are passing and do it calmly. It always jumps in a linear fashion and tile by tile.
  • Mountains of majareta– Run as much as you can, but keep an eye on the spinning objects and watch the balls fall. The final destination is to run towards the crown, and when you are about to touch it, click on the grip option. If you don’t, you will end up bouncing around and missing a great opportunity.
  • Jumping Festival: This minigame is very similar to Hexagony. Where you will have to take care of the rollers when jumping. The strategy is that you move skillfully and take into account changes in the speed of the object. Also, before you fall, the platforms tend to vibrate, so do not stand still longer than necessary.
  • Tripe soup: When starting with the gold tail test, you have to go to the rotating base. There you will have to benefit from the balls that are in motion so that you can eliminate the rivals.

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