Tips for visiting the dentist after quarantine

All over the world, the de-escalation plans, that is, the second phase after total confinement and that allows us to recover, slightly, normality. However, as the health authorities point out, we are facing a “new normal” that forces us to continue maintaining hygiene and safety measures.

In the case of visits to dentists, during the quarantine these medical centers have only been open for emergencies. But, after confinement, you can go to the dentist again to perform any of the treatments related to oral health. Dental centers such as recommend taking into account tips for visiting the dentist after quarantine. Here we detail them.

Tips for returning to the dentist during de-escalation

From the General Council of Dentists a Strategic Plan of Action to be followed during de-escalation. This plan includes the measures and protocols that must be carried out in dental health centers and which can be summarized as follows.

Arranged appointment

To avoid crowds in the waiting room, dentists point to a new reality in which only care will be taken with concerted visit. These appointments can be scheduled by telephone and, in addition, patients must collaborate answering a series of questions such as the following.

  • Have you had a fever in the last 14 days?
  • Do you have any symptoms linked to the coronavirus (dry cough, fever, etc.)?
  • Do you feel sick or tired?
  • Have you had a lack of taste or smell?
  • Have you lived or been in contact with someone who could have been infected?
  • Have you been infected with COVID-19?

These, therefore, are some of the standard questions that you will come across when calling your dentist to request an appointment. Remember that prevention is the best tool to eradicate the virus and we must be completely honest and responsible for our actions.

In the event that there may be a risk of having the virus, the clinic will recommend that you keep quarantine and will offer you an appointment starting 14 days after your call.

Behavior to go to the dentist

When you go to your appointment with your dentist, you must take into account a series of behavioral protocols that are essential to protect yourself and others. Here you have them:

  • Go alone to visit, without family members (unless the patient is a minor, then they can be accompanied by an adult family member)
  • Go to the clinic no necklaces, earrings or bracelets
  • Always carry mask and gloves
  • Be punctual: do not arrive before or after
  • Use the hydroalcoholic gel when you enter the clinic
  • Wait in the waiting room in your turn, avoid walking in the hallways
  • Always keep the distance of 2 meters when you meet other people

These are the tips for visiting the dentist after quarantine that have been stipulated from the General Council of Dentists. Therefore, if you are going to go to this health center, it is essential that you take these recommendations into account to be able to be treated in a safe environment and with the maximum guarantees.

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