Tips for choosing your backpacking travel backpack

Backpacking is one of the low cost ways to travel. Perhaps the best and most descriptive way to do it, so it is a modality that many people have adopted in recent times to get to know some places that, as conventional tourists, could not have had the possibility, due to cost terms, more than anything. .

Within any backpacking trip and its planning, there is one aspect that is essential, in relation to all its comfort and safety: the backpack.

Buying a backpack for a trip of this type -and even for any trip- is important, so that for your good choice you will need tips, specifications, recommendations and characteristics, so as not to make mistakes and to enjoy the trip without worries.

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Buy backpacks safely

Backpacks for a backpacker are not much different from tactical backpacks. In fact, buying hunting backpacks through stores like Lamnia – specialized in products of this type and with shipments anywhere in the world – is one of the most appropriate decisions. In the first place, because a hunting or survival backpack -also called tactics- has as many compartments as a backpacker may need, and at the same time, it has the characteristics and attributes that will be recommended for a trip with the backpack in tow, as you will see later.

But the most important thing is to buy safely, and in order to do so you should follow the following tips:

  • Buy through secure stores, such as Lamnia, which offer convenient payment methods, free shipping and only quality products for a specialized market.
  • Make sure you go for a brand that specializes in backpacks for backpackers, survival or hunting, because that will promote comfort, security and confidence. The difference will show in the moments when you need it most.

Choose the features that are important

Although hunting or survival backpacks are recommended for backpackers – even more so if the trip will be very long or through places where contact with nature will be constant -, not all backpacks are the same or for all concepts, and therefore you should always choose the characteristics that are most decisive for you.

To know this, you must recognize the place you will visit, its geographical characteristics, its climate, the duration of your trip, your budget and your tastes.

  • Impermeability: A backpacking trip is a survival adventure in every way. Therefore, the essential characteristic of a backpack is that it is waterproof, because there will be times when you have to cross somewhere with water, that a torrential downpour falls before someone takes you in their car, and you will need to protect your clothes , your documents and technological equipment.
  • Space: The space of a backpack must be proportional to the duration of your trip and it will be conditioned by the theme of the trip. While for a beach destination, clothes will hardly take up space, for a winter destination only coats will represent a challenge to organize your backpack, so you should not only take into account the size of it, but the compartments as well. Survival backpacks have in their favor, the security of each of their pockets, being able to have dedicated spaces for important documents, double insurance to prevent theft, or dedicated spaces for water or technological equipment. All of them are factors that you should consider according to what you need to bring.
  • Mod cons: Backpacking is fascinating, of course, but it also takes a lot of effort. Carrying a backpack throughout the day can be exhausting if it isn’t comfortable enough. Hunting backpacks are designed for long days, but it will never hurt to consider those brands or models that use ergonomic designs, padded reinforcements, are breathable in the back area and adjustable according to the height of the person carrying them.

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