Tips and tricks to win games in Fortnite Battle Royale

The video game industry becomes more intense every day, and achieving all the feats on the game stage is what moves us through countless fantastic worlds or adventures for the survival of the fittest. This is the case of Fortnite Battle Royale, an action game that adds more players every day. Success will always depend on the strategies and skills that we demonstrate ourselves (and our teammates if you decide to play it like this). Fighting to the end and coming out triumphant is what we all seek. In this specialized guide that we have prepared for you we will give you the best tips and tricks to win your game in Fortnite Battle Royale and in this way not die trying.

Choosing the right place to land

While in Fortnite Battle Royale the game begins with 99 players (96 if you decide to play it as a team) and a single life, it would be advisable to look for a suitable place where you can land with your parachute. Locate a high place so that you can have a view of the playing field, but avoid staying uncovered for a long time so that you do not become the target of attack; so once you have landed look to move quickly to a safe area, preferably at a point away from large cities or fortifications. In the orange points there are fewer rivals and you can collect some objects and better study the progress in the game.

Keep a good arsenal of ammunition

It is unlikely that in Fortnite Battle Royale You are going to run out of ammunition since they are located in many places on the battlefield, but do not neglect your inventory anyway. Among the weapons that cannot be missing from your list and that we recommend 100% are the automatic pistol, the SCAR assault rifle and the rocket launcher.

Build whenever you can

To get out alive in Fortnite Battle Royale you must become an expert at building if you want to survive to the end. Build walls, stairs, fortresses, where you can safeguard yourself and protect your arsenal or also to protect yourself while you overcome an attack or manage to revive a partner.

Keep your vitality to the maximum

In Fortnite Battle Royale we have the possibility to acquire the health kits and bandages that will help you keep your energy at the maximum peak and will also give you the possibility of reviving one of your companions of equipment downed in action. But handle yourself with care since it is not that by wanting to save the lives of your companions you are going to endanger your own life; It is preferable that before performing this action you first build a wall where you are going to perform this task (and do it as quickly as possible).

Destroy the bases of your enemies

One of our best strategies in Fortnite Battle Royale is to destroy enemy bases and thus you will have more opportunities to replenish part of their arsenal. The projectile weapons (such as grenade launchers and rocket launchers) are ideal for producing low in enemy camps.

Follow the trail of your adversaries

While in Fortnite Battle Royale we have the possibility to destroy the bases of our enemies, no less true is that we can follow the trail they leave us to get to where they are. A good tip is to keep track of objects that they are releasing and thus we will know which direction we must take to reach their locations and achieve an unexpected attack.

Collect truly necessary items

Throughout the development of the Fortnite Battle Royale game we have the possibility of adding objects to our inventory. We can collect objects depending on their category that are divided by colors: blue, white, orange, green and purple. Remember to keep an eagle eye to locate useful things anywhere, be it under the stairs or in other places that may seem unnoticed. You must handle yourself carefully so that you are not eliminated trying to reach it. A good strategy can be to build a wall while we get one of the chests, especially if they are those that are in an area of ​​open field.

Use the weapon best suited to your abilities

In Fortnite Battle Royale our first intention is to take all the objects that we find on the way and put them in our inventory. Avoid carrying unnecessary objects or with weapons that you cannot handle properly. Play it safe; If you are good with the automatic pistol, it is preferable that you always have it ready before not knowing how to handle yourself well with the shotgun, even if it is not more powerful. Your teammates can do more efficient use of those weapons and objects that we are releasing in which we do not demonstrate many skills.

Hold on tight to the walls

In Fortnite Battle Royale we have the possibility of taking big jumps in front of huge cliffs. To avoid that the impact and damage to your life is not so strong, a trick that always works is that we hold on to the walls. The impact will be much less when we reach the lowest part of the cliff and we will have saved our lives.

Take advantage of storms

While it is true that in Fortnite Battle Royale, storms are one of the causes of low health if we stay inside for a long time, we can also use them as a strategy to stay undercover and distract our enemies. A good trick is to stay on the edge of the storm by shooting at our enemies, But for this we must have enough objects that revitalize our lives and be always attentive to our vitality while we finish off those opponents who seek to escape from the hole of the storm.

Do not neglect the rear

Sometimes it is likely that as you progress and become an expert sniper you will finish killed by a shot in the back. To prevent things like this from happening to you, you must always be vigilant and take care of your rear. Keep an eye on moving in all directions and stay covered for as long as it takes to find the point of advance. Luck!

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