Tips and strategies for playing The Medium

The Medium is a game developed by the Bloober Team. Available for the latest generation platforms such as Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC.

The main character of the game is Marianne and in order for you to understand her and complete the stories, a little help is necessary, due to the demands that are required to overcome the different obstacles.

Here are some helpful tips and strategies to consider when playing The Medium.

How to play The Medium?

The Medium is divided into three stages or game zones: riddles and puzzles, enemies and stealth, world and exploration. Now we will detail each of them:

Riddles and puzzles

As you progress through the game’s story, you will find a wide variety of riddles and puzzles. Although the scenarios in which you can find them are different, they all have in common the very similar application of logic. The tips that you should follow regarding these areas of the game are:

Sometimes the best thing will be to go back

If you find yourself in a difficult situation to solve, for example, if you have been looking for a way out for a long time and nothing to find it, it is recommended that if, sometimes, you don’t know where to go, go back, as long as the game allows it.

Find the light

Most of the riddles and puzzles you’ll find on The Medium are focused on finding memories. To locate an object or an exit by means of a change between worlds, They all have in common that they help you get light or energy.

Seek to make your way by banishing spirits

The first time you enter the spirit world on The Medium, people will appear before you on the walls.

Your mission will be to investigate everything related to them and get your mask, you will usually find it in the most difficult to reach places.

Trust your logic

The Medium is not just a horror game, logic will also be of great help to you. So, however fanciful the game may be, that does not imply that its solutions cannot be found through logic.

For example, there are situations where it seems that the only viable solution is an impressive spell to access a site, but in reality you only need to find a key in a drawer. If you do not take into account the advice to use logic on some occasions, you can spend an indefinite time in the same area.

Keep your perception active

It is really important that you keep your perception active, since through it you can get objects that are not in plain sight. Remember that not everything you seek must be found in the spirit world.

Enemies and stealth

This part takes place in a haunted hotel and some of the basic tips to ensure your victory over your enemies are:

Avoid staying too long at one point

Staying in one place can be detrimental to you, since the enemy will be constantly looking for you, also keep in mind that it can remove obstacles to expose you.

Perform stealth movements

In this terrifying game the best you can do is move stealthily throughout the area. Keep in mind that the dynamic of this particular game is to generate fear not to attack or fight. So if you see something that is very scary, the best thing is to get out of there and move to an open space, but with a lot of stealth.

Sometimes avoiding is best

If there is an enemy that is chasing you from all sides, it is best to wait for the right moment to attack him when he is on his back. Stay away from him as much as you can and as long as you have the opportunity if you wish you can flee from that area.

Try to carry an extra energy charge

An extra charge of energy can be very useful, since if it happens that your enemy catches you, this light will give you the possibility to escape from danger.

Remember to keep in mind that light is not accumulative and once you use it you will run out of this option, so be sure to recharge it again.

Do not breathe

It seems extreme, but It will be very useful when you cannot locate where the ghost is and he does not see you either. If you hold your breath and stay very still in one place, you may be lucky and get tired of looking for you and give up the search.

World and exploration

Although it can be considered a linear game, there is an open world that you can explore. In that sense, in each of the scenes you have the opportunity to find collectibles, ornaments and other artifacts that can help you to understand the history of the game. Among the tips to consider in this part we have:

Keep calm

This game may seem short to many, however, it lasts approximately ten hours, which if you remain calm and do things with the necessary time, you will achieve that the game ends in a satisfactory way for you.


If you get the impression that the game is going very slowly or slowly, you can run even if it is not necessary, this action will allow you to perform tasks such as exploring in a faster and more fluid way.

Get collectibles

There is a wide variety of objects that, although they can be ignored, can at the same time be of importance. Among the relevant collectibles that you should find are: paintings, all kinds of objects, maps and others that will allow you to orient yourself.

The story takes time to start

This is one of those games that starts up slow and the story takes a while to start up and get interesting. Even if the start of the game is slow, do not be discouraged, be patient that the good is yet to come. Rest assured that as you progress, things will get more interesting.

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