Tips and ideas for organizing a move

Organize a move It can become a dramatic and stressful event, if we do not have the right tools to make this activity simple, organized and without problems.


This is the key word when making a move. For this, it is recommended start by making a list of everything that needs to be done. The first thing should be how much it is going to cost you, taking into consideration the amount of personal items that you must move and the places involved. That is, the place where your furniture is and the final place where it will be moved.

Knowing the moving prices is essential when starting the organization and will allow you to organize the budget.

The second thing on the list should be to get the boxes in which you will put all your belongings and the third, to define where in the house the packing will begin.

Seek help

To start the moving process, it never hurts to have some help. You must take care that this support is necessary and this could even save you money, since it may involve the transfer of boxes, furniture or equipment that are heavier.

When it comes to defining how much a move costs you should remember to ask for a detailed budget. Some companies offer full services that include the collection and packing of belongings, while others handle the transfer exclusively.

For this reason, it is important to request a moving budget with the company that intends to do the work, but also that said budget specifies the services that this company offers.

If you intend to save, you may well take care of the whole process, but you must remember that this could take a long time, involves significant physical wear and tear and that you must be careful not to damage any of your belongings.

In general, companies specializing in this matter have insurance that allows you to be calm regarding the care of your most precious objects.

Enjoy the ride

If you have decided hire a professional moving company take care of the whole process, you just have to enjoy the process with the least possible stress.

It is important that you indicate to those in charge of the move, which are the valuables with which they should be especially careful. This is important, especially if you have packed the belongings yourself and the company will only take care of the transfer.

Our most important recommendation is that when packing, you go at the same time identifying each box or package, so that you can know what is inside each one.

This will save you a lot of time, not only when it comes to protecting your valuables, but when it comes to unloading the move and once you start organizing your belongings in your new home. Without a doubt, this measure is time and energy saving. You will thank us!

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