These are the foods that produce the most gases

The main symptoms that betray the presence of excessive gas are: frequent belching, bloating and excessive flatulence. Although, in the most serious cases may require drug treatment, most cases can be treated with a few simple lifestyle adjustments.

Smoking, chewing too much gum or talking while eating are some of the habits that cause an increase in gas, but one of the habits that have the greatest impact on the production of gases within the body is eating. A proper diet is one of the best tools to eliminate the presence of gases in the digestive tract.

Nevertheless, not everything about gas is bad, it is normal for the body to produce certain amounts, this may indicate that we have a diet rich in soluble vegetable fiber, which is very good for health, in addition to gas helps prevent the development of diverticula and peritonitis. Gases become a problem only when they begin to disrupt our way of life, and that is when a solution must be sought.

Foods that produce the most gas

There are certain foods that, due to their composition, can cause an increase in gas. if they are avoided or their consumption is reduced, the discomfort caused by gases can be reduced. The most outstanding of this group are:


This vegetable has a large amount of soluble fiber and fructose, which makes it a food with a tendency to general gas.

Cruciferous vegetables

In this group of vegetables you can find broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Crucifers contain raffinose, a type of sugar that is not digested without the help of intestinal bacteria, which causes a large production of gas. Added to this, all of these vegetables contain a lot of fiber, making them the most gas-producing foods.


Although cabbage has proportionally less fiber than other foods on this list, its composition is mostly water, so it is practically only fiber, which can cause gas for many people.


Among the largest generators of gases we can find legumes such as lentils, beans, chickpeas and beans, among others. They are one of the foods that contain the most iron and fiber, making them one of the main causes of meteorism.


The case of turnips is similar to that of cabbage, as its composition is based on water and fiber, it tends to generate a lot of gases in some people.

Artificial sweeteners

Sometimes the gases can have their origin in the intake of some artificial sweetener, this is because they can contain sorbitol, a sugar commonly found in fruits such as apples and plums, which causes intolerance in a part of the population.


Lactose present in milk and its derivatives can cause intolerance in many people, said intolerance can cause several gastrointestinal problems, among which excess gases are included.

Whole grains

The amount of fiber present in them increases the probability of generating gases.

Starchy foods

Starch is rich in carbohydrates, which can cause some digestive problems, such as gas. Pasta, potatoes, corn and others are foods that contain a lot of starch.

In summary…

At some point in our lives we have had to face the presence of gases, the excess of these can be somewhat annoying and uncomfortable, one of the best ways to avoid them is by staying away from the foods that we know tend to generate them.

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