These are the favorite teams to win the Champions League

Do you already have a favorite for the 2020-2021 Champions League? During the previous edition, Bayern Munich was topping the charts as favorites until finally taking their sixth European Cup. However, for the current season the range of options widens again and fans of the beautiful game and sports betting will have a lot of data to manage.

Before placing your bets, it is important to choose an online platform well among the different official bookmakers in Spain, such as the ones you can see at In addition, it is important to know the clubs that, due to their line-ups, are willing to give everything to raise the cup this season. The betting houses’ forecasts for the 2021 Champions League, as usual, include the top teams on the continent.

Next, we do a brief review of the favorite teams to win the new edition of the Champions League.

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Bayern Munich

Without a doubt, the Bayern Munich is the favorite team to revalidate the Champions League cup. Their main advantage is that they have been active since the end of the previous event, which would allow them to show themselves as a cohesive team and in good physical condition at the start of the new edition. The odds of the bookmakers remain quite interesting for the German team.


The Liverpool he would be the second big favorite for this contest. They will try to reign again in the old continent and come to the competition renewed, since they did not participate in the final of the Champions League. For their fans, Liverpool is considered “the best team in the world”, although Virgil Van Dijk’s low defense has hurt his performance a lot.

Manchester City

During the previous season, the Manchester City He was one of the top favorites and, although the forecasts were not entirely correct, he again accesses the list of favorites for this season. This is due to a squad capable of coping with any of the top teams, provided they manage to learn the lessons of last season’s mistakes.

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club

The PSG He is the current runner-up and will fight hard to lift the cup this season. Neymar, one of the team’s stars, is currently injured, although they still have the strength of forward Mbappe to shine. With the arrival of Pochetino, a good season is in sight for PSG, so we will have to be aware of his behavior.

Juventus FC

Another favorite in the forecasts is undoubtedly the Juventus, with Andrea Pirlo at the head of the bench and with an inexhaustible Cristiano Ronaldo on the field. However, Juventus have not won the Champions League since the 1995-1996 season, so it is a trophy that both the players and their fans have been waiting for a long time and it would be a pleasant surprise for them to witness this year the resurgence of La Vecchia Signora in Europe.

Other favorites

Other favorites in the battle for the Champions League are the Athletic, the Real Madrid and the Chelsea. The sportsbooks have placed interesting odds for these teams, not as high as the five favorites, but really convenient. Considering the good performance that Atlético has had, it is not unreasonable to think that they are a good candidate to lift the precious cup.

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