The strong bond between humans and their pets

Affective bonds are commonly seen in most species of animals in the world, and humans are no exception. People have the ability to feel connected to other people and animals as well as to objects and experiences.

Having a pet at home is a very big responsibility, but affective advantages to have one animal company they are worth it to their owners.

Humans and their pets create an emotional connection, a bond between them. This is more common with dogs and cats, although other animals such as birds or rodents, and even reptiles, are not excluded.

The bonds of human and petsCanine or feline, they are created thanks to living together under the same roof, sharing moments and protecting each other, but there is much more to their relationship.

How is the bond between human beings and their pets created?

Gaining confidence

When a person decides adopt a cat or dogYou are committing to take care of him and meet his needs; This is a responsibility for the person and a benefit for the animals, as they begin to become familiar with their owners while identifying routines and their environment.

Regardless of whether cats or dogs have different personalities, whether some are more independent than others, more aggressive or louder, each animal appreciates the displays of affection, and they will show confidence in their owners.

Sharing time together

As people spend more time with their pets, the bond grows stronger.

70% of people with pets admit to talking with them on a regular basis, daily, and not only that, some people have admitted that they trust them with things that they would not usually tell anyone
plus. Also, 80% of people usually kiss their pets when they get home, when they leave it or when playing with them.

They are no longer considered as animals that accompany us and become members of the family, they become best friends. The relationships of humans and their pets they reach different levels depending on the age of the people.

When it comes to children, they spend much more time with their pets, and the relationship is one of games and trust.

In the human adolescent stage, the relationship with pets helps to balance the typical moods of age.

For adults, the relationship with their pets is one of company and trust. Due to work and different commitments, pets will often stay at home waiting for their owners to arrive to share with them. For older adults, the relationship with their pets is one of responsibility and mutual care.

Benefits of the affective bond between humans and their pets

The bonds or connections with dogs or cats are very special: they are based on affection and unconditional love; it is one of the most beautiful ways to provide affection and devotion to beings who really need it.

Thanks to these affective bonds, the body increases the production of oxytocin, the love hormone, which improves the mood of each person with the simplest actions, such as looking into the eyes of pets or caressing them.

The bond of people with their pets is so strong that it can be compared to that developed by parents with their children, with the needs of protection and consent that babies awaken.

However, bonds of affection with pets they benefit people differently depending on their ages.

Benefits of bonding with pets in children

For children, pets contribute to the development of social skills, their empathic capacities and stimulate feelings of security. With certain tasks for the care of pets (such as serving food, water or brushing their fur), children learn about responsibilities and how to care for others.

Benefits of bonding with pets in adolescents

With adolescents the issue changes, and the main reason is because they tend to have constant mood swings. Having a pet in adolescence and developing a bond of affection with it will help improve self-esteem and confidence, improve your communication skills in a non-verbal way. It also promotes responsibility.

Benefits of bonding with pets in adults

Adults with pets go to the doctor less often than people without animal companions in their daily lives. Loneliness is a recurring problem in adults, and live with a pet it can be one of the best solutions for this problem; Apart from keeping them company, they can protect their owners while they focus on their activities.

And one of the best things about coming home from a long day at work is being greeted by a furry friend who is happy to see his owner. And since joy is contagious, owning a pet increases emotional well-being.

Benefits of bonding with pets in older adults

Already with the elderly, pets become their most trusted friends. Since pets will always be a responsibility, older adults feel helpful when caring for their animal companions.

The benefits of having a pet for older people include a better face, encourages physical activities to play with, stimulates their concentration skills and tests their memory, keeping the brain exercised.

Having a pet will improve your quality of life and give you moments of happiness; The bonds that can be created with these animals are important to maintain a mental balance and will motivate you to get out of bed every day to spend time with them.

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