The strangest hotels in the world

Around the world you can find a wide variety of hotels to enjoy vacations, business trips or meetings with friends and family. Within this great diversity there are differences in prices, prestige, services, location, number of stars and you can even reach the weirdest hotels you would ever imagine, a strategy that is also used to obtain an excellent positioning.

There are many famous and curious hotels of the world, and are distinguished by their shape, stories or materials used for their construction. Some of them are worth mentioning:

  • The Hotel Montaña Mágica, located in Chile, In the town of Huilo Huilo, its name is due to its mountain shape and its structure.
  • The Treehotel, you can find it in Harads, Sweden and consists of a variety of Scandinavian designs suspended overhead.
  • In California, U.S, you can stay at the Madonna Inn Resort & Spa, it has more than 110 different rooms.
  • In Costa Rica we present you a hotel with a room built in a Boeing 727, the Hotel Costa Verde.
  • Also for car fans, Germany has designed the V8 Hotel in the city of Stuttgart.
  • In France, a hotel has become a cultural space for urban artists who stamp their works in each of their rooms, we refer to Au Vieux Panier of Marseille.
  • An ice hotel, located in Canada, Glace Hotel.
  • In Australiahave cleverly designed a hotel underground to counter the heat of the place, the striking lodging Desert Cave Hotel.
  • In the already famous Cuzco of Peru They have built an also spectacular accommodation for adventure lovers, from where you can see all the the Incas’ Sacred Valley. In Natura Lives You sleep in a suspended polycarbonate capsule and to get there you have to climb at least 120 meters.
  • You cannot miss the oldest hotel in the world, we have it in Japan from the year 705 after Christ and has passed through 52 generations of the same family.
  • A Salt Palace you can find in BoliviaIt is literally made of salt.
  • The Weird Hotel, is located in an amusement park in Japan and its employees are robots.
  • If terror attracts you, you can sleep in Catacombs of Paris with skulls in AirBNB.
  • If you want to live a strange experience you can spend a night in a prison like Alcatraz. You will be treated as a prisoner, upon entering the hotel they strip you of all your belongings and, handcuffed, you will be transferred by guards to a cell.
  • And to please all kinds of tastes, the Japanese have created an entertainment place for gentlemen to go on vacation with their ¨virtual girlfriends¨.
  • The Hotel of the abandoned buses in ChinaThrough this accommodation, the businessmen have managed to recycle and reuse the abandoned buses, turning them into some 30 luxurious rooms of the Tai Tai Mountain Park.
  • The Gamirasu Cave Hotel, a place out of orbit, where rooms are literally built in caves. A splendid place in Turkey to get away from the everyday world and totally relax.

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