The revival of classic games

If anyone could think that classic games they had died or that they would soon, I was very, very wrong.

It is true that the classics have been the forgotten ones for a time when technology has taken over games and it has totally transformed the sector, but it must be borne in mind that they will always have an audience that will remain loyal to them.

For this, and because they are above any technology that arrives, classic games have adapted to the new times and they have made the leap into the digital world, where they are having much greater success than expected.

The popularity of classic games

Card games, such as the chinchón, the trick or the buraco; board games, such as dominoes, ludo or the game of the goose; and even more considered games of chance, like bingo. Both are classic games that have been played for decades and even centuries.

But what do these games have that they have managed to survive so long and have come to be considered classics?

The secret of the success and popularity of these games It lies in its attractiveness, its simplicity of play and the possibility of playing games against friends or family. Especially the latter is the most important, and that is that these games have always served as an intergenerational link. Who has not learned to play dominoes or Parcheesi with their grandparents or with their parents, and then teach their little brothers or children to play?

All this has caused that, although today the digital revolution has changed the ways of playing, many users still want to play the classic games of a lifetime, even if it is in a different way from the traditional one.

The classic games of always are now available on all devices

Today we have the possibility to continue playing these games without having to resort to the board or having to gather a group of people. Thanks to platforms like Playspace, which offer classic multiplayer games, it is enough that we take out our smartphone or turn on our computer or tablet and start playing one of the many online games that take place at all times.

Now you can play a game of dominoes with a person from the other side of the world or play the game of the goose challenging your friends or family through Facebook. You decide, and it is that have a lot of games at your disposal That you can use to play in your spare time, to take a break from work or to play a game before going to bed. Just go to the web or download the application for Android or iOS and start a game against a random user or against a friend you have added on Facebook.

Classic games and new generations

Although it is true today there is still a high audience for this type of game, the new generations are beginning to directly play modern video games.

It is important that we educate our children with games that make them develop their cognitive abilities well, something that the classic games commented on do very well.

Parcheesi can help strengthen memory, strategy, and patience; with domino we train logic and mathematical knowledge; and with card games you learn to observe your rivals and control your emotions.

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