The power of political marketing

The political marketing It is a powerful tool used both in electoral campaigns and in the promotion and consolidation of government management.

Public research, planning, communication, and image management are key elements in achieving the goals of a political marketing strategy.

One way to get the message across

For a campaigning politician, the goal is communicate your message and connect with constituents, in such a way that it achieves their support with votes. For a ruler, the goal is convince citizens to support your management initiatives, and understand people’s demands. In both cases, solutions to the problems and needs of citizens are presented, and long-term planning is done.

The message is the fundamental pillar of political marketing. Good image management must be supported by a strategy where content is the most important.

“How” it is communicated depends on the ideology of the political party and the investigation and segmentation of the audiences to which it is wanted to reach. Based on the content, the image, slogans and messages in the speeches, and the strategies of communication media and social networks are designed. The staging of the rallies, the gestures and the language used must also be designed to enhance the message.

The design of a political marketing strategy must take into account the following aspects:

  • Analyze the behavior of voters, according to different segments of the public.
  • Know what people want, what are the priority needs and problems that citizens want to solve.
  • Convey consistency in content. The values ​​and ideas of the politician have to be communicated transparently in any context. The brand that is built for the politician has to reflect his identity.
  • Focusing the strategy beyond electoral matters, involving citizens in what will be the future administration of the government. The focus has to be to establish a lasting relationship with citizens and involve them in political exercise. Political marketing should be considered as a tool that supports the construction and consolidation of political leadership.
  • Develop strategies for traditional and digital media based on the messages to be transmitted and the different audiences.
  • Evaluate the acceptance of the campaign or government management including other investigation techniques in addition to the survey and statistical polls. For example, through focus groups or discussion groups that achieve a greater approach to citizens and their concerns. Social media monitoring techniques are other valid tools to measure people’s reactions.
  • Determine financial resources and establish priorities to develop strategies based on them.

Digital communication in political marketing

In recent years, digital communication has had a decisive impact on political marketing strategies.

Digital resources for communicating are varied, so your selection for a strategy will depend on message content, audiences, and budget. Clear objectives and good planning are recommended to get the most out of it.

The Internet and digital media offer opportunities to connect with the public, to transcend and consolidate a message, but they also involve risks. With the interaction and dialogue with citizens, the politician is more exposed to criticism and also to make mistakes.

Some of the digital communication resources that can be used are:

  • Website of the party, candidate and ruler. It is a tool that allows a detailed exposition of the proposals, programs and profile of the politician. It is the platform to disseminate the news, including broadcasts of rallies, press conferences and live messages, and to integrate social networks. The contact form will allow the public to transmit their opinions, and with email, people will be able to subscribe to receive information.
  • Emailing. It is about sending information via email to the people who have subscribed. It is an effective way to consolidate the message among the politician’s supporters.
  • Paid advertising on the Internet. Gone are the banners aimed at the large audience. Ads are currently used using the practice of microtargeting or nanotargeting, not without questioning and controversy.
  • Social networks They are widely used for political marketing strategies. Politicians without great financial resources have been able to spread their message and win supporters to their cause by communicating only through the networks. Such is its power, but also its danger. Each error in the messages published through social networks multiplies at great speed, bringing negative consequences.
  • Influencers. They are people with a reputation and a track record – bloggers, activists, artists, athletes, scientists – who express their opinion on social media in favor of a politician. Political marketing strategies increasingly include influencers as another way of reaching out to the public and influencing their opinion.

New tools of political marketing

The power of political marketing has been increased with the new technological tools available.

The use of big data is one of these tools. The analysis of large amounts of data makes it possible to enhance digital communication and interaction, concentrate efforts and use resources more productively. From the large volume of data then small data arises that are used to develop more personalized messages based on electoral behavior. The campaigns of Barack Obama and Donald Trump are examples of the successful use of big data.

Other tools are the bots that work to schedule tasks on social media and interact with the public. They are also used to position trends in social networks, influence citizen attitudes and opinions in favor of a group or political proposal.

A political marketing strategy has to be managed with planning and discipline, and constant observation of public opinions is also necessary. The ability to foresee an image crisis and act to counteract it must also be taken into account. Likewise, anticipation capacity is required to disseminate a message in a timely manner through the most influential medium of the moment.

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