The New Hope of American Politics

Alexandria Osario-Cortez has become the great sensation of United States politics and one of the world’s political leaders. Born in New York’s Bronx in 1989, this daughter of a New Yorker and Puerto Rican is the new hope of all leftist voters.

This politician and activist is known by the acronym AOC – Americans are very close friends with the acronym – she has become the youngest female congresswoman in history and has also achieved it by breaking down the door, since she was able to smash in the primaries of the Democratic Party to an entire party institution like Joe Crowley, who, until the time of those elections – June 26, 2018 – was the fourth most influential Democrat in the entire country.

His figure is refreshing in a country where the political center is turned to the right. Thanks to its success, the Democratic Party may be tempted to lean to the left, despite Alexandria herself claiming in the documentary Conquering Congress, which is available on the Netflix video platform, that it is not about a question “neither of the left nor of the right, but of up and down.” The objective of Ocasio-Cortez is to give a voice to the working class, represent and fight for the rights and interests of those millions of citizens who live every day with the uncertainty of knowing if they will be able to live normally or if there will be any inconvenience that makes them jump their lives up in the air.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a politician who stands out for her energy, her enormous charisma and her empathy. In his speeches, he exudes honesty and humanity and, nevertheless, he is able to express himself firmly and vehemently before his adversaries, something that surprises someone with no experience in the world of politics.

The keys to AOC’s policy

Its ideology focuses on 4 key points:

  • Public and free health. The Democrat believes that one of the main rights of Americans is to have a health system that protects them without having to get health insurance that many citizens cannot afford. In addition, American health insurance is a complex network of clauses and exceptions that are not available to everyone, something that costs human lives every year.
  • Public and free university studies, so that students do not have to take a lifetime mortgage with banks to access higher education.
  • Fight against climate change and in favor of environmental conservation.
  • Gun control policies.

His policy is a critique of the political establishment, full of well-to-do dinosaurs who do nothing to defend US workers and do to defend their own interests and those of the corporations that help them stay in office. His Green New Deal project seeks a society that protects the underprivileged. Among other things, it proposes that billionaires contribute 70% of their income to the state coffers.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become in a year and a half a symbol in favor of equality and social justice. It will be necessary to follow the track very closely.

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