The most spectacular Temples you can see in Bangkok

Bangkok It is the capital of Thailand And to sum up its very long original name, Thais refer to it as “the city of angels.” Well, judging by the number of temples that can be visited in it, perhaps this name makes all the sense in the world. Tourists from all over come to this exotic city every year and none leave before having seen these architectural jewels that the city possesses.

Let’s see which are the most spectacular temples in Bangkok.

Practical tips for visiting the temples of Bangkok

Above all, the tourist must remember that he is in a place of worship and that, apart from other tourists, people go to these places in search of moments of spiritual peace. This makes respect the norm.

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As would be done in any Catholic church, it is advisable not to wear bare or excessively short clothing, and to behave appropriately. Also the use of cameras should be discreet so as not to disturb anyone, especially monks.

As far as possible, it is good to spend at least a couple of days visiting the temples. The experience can take on new interesting nuances if you travel by tuk tuk or boat to explore them. In addition, the images at sunset are very suggestive, worthy of photographing … and give way to night lighting that is not bad either. With that said, let’s see what are the most spectacular temples in Bangkok.

Wat saket

Wat saket It is located in the old quarter of Bangkok. The current construction was built on the remains of the original structure, which collapsed due to the instability of the ground. This golden temple has around 300 steps leading up to an imposing Buddha statue.

Wat arun

Another one of the must-see temples in Bangkok is the Wat arun. It is known as the “Temple of Dawn”, but the sunsets are not far behind. It is located in Thonburi, near the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, and shines on the banks of the river like a huge gemstone when there is sun.

Wat Traimit

This temple is located in the Yaowarat area. Its white and gold structure attracts the attention of all passers-by and serves as a reference point to begin a tour of the city’s Chinatown. Inside of Wat Traimit there is an immense solid gold Buddha.

Wat Pho

In this sanctuary the practice of Thai therapeutic massage was born. Not only that, Wat Pho It is a huge enclosure containing thousands of Buddha images, including a huge 15-meter statue, beautiful gardens, and an incredible atmosphere.

Wat Phra Kaew

The best for last, of course. Wat Phra Kaew It is the most famous and most visited shrine in Thailand. It is located in the Grand Palace and is known as the “Temple of the Emerald Buddha” because of the statue of Buddha carved in jade that is inside. Both the sanctuary and the palace are fantastic places to visit, with many pieces of local art.

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