The most promising monsters in video games of 2019

After a 2018 full of adrenaline and fun with great video game premieres, it’s time to turn your attention to the 2019, not only for the premiere of multiple video games, but also for the mythological monsters that will be part of many of these video games.

That is why today we will focus on describing the Most Promising Video Game Monsters of 2019. If you are a regular gamer and want to know what awaits you in video game entertainment this 2019, here we leave you the best information about the mythological monsters that will surprise you this year.

Licker: Resident Evil 2

Nothing better to start 2019 on the right foot than the premiere of one of the most popular video games since its publication in 1998. Resident Evil it exceeded the expectations of all its fans, not only because of its plot, but also because of the monsters that are part of this game. One of them is the terrible Licker.

What in the beginning of the game were presented as common zombies, went into a mutation in which their muscle mass increased to the point of exploding and turned them into fearsome creatures. Licker is characterized by being a kind of mutant with a body without layers of skin, whose brain is exposed and its long tongue is the most powerful weapon, as it crosses any living being that gets in its way.

These unpleasant creatures owe their name precisely to their language. In addition, it has climbing abilities that allow it to hang from walls and ceilings to avoid being hit by bullets within the video game.

Havakari, a new Aragami from God Eater 3

If it is about the most promising monsters in video games in 2019, God eater 3 has great advantage. This video game, whose premiere is scheduled for February, promises to exceed the expectations of its followers. Havakari, has its origin in the Ashlands. Its beauty is enclosed in an abundant and striking mechanical body, whose legs and arms are the most powerful weapon to attack its enemies and continue the destruction of planet earth.

This and another range of giant monsters presented in the form of gods, which make up the Aragami group, are focused on causing destruction on earth. Video game regulars won’t want to wait to blend in as a God Eater and save planet earth from these powerful mythological monsters.

Shadow, Griffon and Nightmare: Devil May Cry 5

The launch of this video game is scheduled for March 8, 2019. But its news has not been long in coming. With an overriding need to save the world from a demonic threat in Devil may cry 5. But this time, the monsters are on the side of good.

And it is that one of the main characters that fights evil, V, has the ability to summon three powerful monsters. Shadow, a four-legged specimen, similar to a panther that gives it speed. Griffon, a demon whose ability is to move through the air. AND Nightmare, the most powerful and largest specimen, whose attacks strike down his enemies immediately.

These are some of the most promising monsters of 2019, but there are many more! Feel free to comment which are your favorite video game monsters of this 2019!

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