The most important Harry Potter characters

What started as a dream project ended up being a huge success. Both for the book saga, as well as the cinematographic one. That is why here we give you a glimpse of the most significant Harry Potter characters.

In the beginning, JK Rowling did not expect the great receptivity that her work has had. But what is clear to us is that it has marked many generations.

All the elements that make up the series are spun in the most delicate and concise way. The roles that each character plays are of great importance for the development of the plot.

Find out which are the Harry Potter characters that connect with the entire series

Something that we must all be clear about is that all Harry Potter characters matter. In one way or another, each one represents at the time the key piece for the development of the plot.

Whether it’s the literary series or the movies, we have specific names with a vital link in Harry’s life. Because these will contribute in any step of the boy towards his inevitable destiny.

The Harry Potter characters are so good and spectacularly developed that they deserve to be named on the list.

If you have not yet read the books or seen their adaptations, it is convenient that you know the most iconic Harry Potter characters.

Harry Potter

It is super logical that if we talk about the Harry Potter characters that are most important, we talk about himself.

Harry is a boy who, being about to turn eleven years old, learns something he never imagined. He is a magician!

From now on, his life totally changes. Starting with the fact that he will be going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is nothing short of boarding school. Thus, the poor man gets off a good season from his Muggle uncles (people without magic).

In this way, the boy will know the world of wizards and will make a lot of friends … And enemies too. Well, that Harry Potter is alive is a mystery.

His name is famous for a reason. He survived a powerful curse from the greatest dark wizard of his time: Voldemort. But unfortunately his parents did not have the same fate, since they gave their lives trying to save him.

Therefore, your destination will be marked. Being that the Dark Lord will try to return to power from the moment the child steps on the school. Therefore, you will face the most fantastic and dangerous adventures. Only it will have two infallible friends: Ron and Hermione.

Lord Voldemort

The most evil dark wizard of all time, is one of the most influential Harry Potter characters.

Obsessed with the purity of blood, this one tries to establish a total control of the magical world. Well, he considers that he is invincible and would rule properly. Emphasizing his dislike for people who do not have magical powers. Since, according to their criteria, they are scum.

Thirsty for power, one night he heads to the Potters’ house to finish them off for not joining their followers. Or this is what they tell us at the beginning. It is very important to understand everything as you learn the story.

Thanks to his own actions, he is turned into a hideous creature, almost nothing. But that won’t stop it. In his quest to come back to life, he will not be alone, since he will have malevolent allies to help him.

With the amazing powers of the dark arts, Lord Voldemort will be on constant prowl. In each new school year, Harry will face the wiles of his enemy in his quest for a return to power.

Ron Weasley

Best friends since they met on the Hogwarts Express, heading for their first year. Ron is one of the Harry Potter characters that appears throughout the saga as his faithful companion.

Named Ronald, this young man is the sixth child of the Weasleys, a pure family of wizards. Redhead, tall and freckled. It is the description that is given to him in his first appearance.

His parents and siblings take Harry in and treat him like one more member of the family. Beyond their friendship, they also consider themselves siblings. So much so that when Sirius Black kidnaps them to kill Harry, Ron offers his life in return.

Ah, of course we can’t forget to mention that he played the most impressive game of magic chess. This to name a few details of many that define the character.

Hermione Granger

Proud Muggle-born, the smartest and most capable witch of her generation. Hermione completes the famous ‘Golden Trio’ from the books and movies.

Like Ron, he is one of the Harry Potter characters that fits in all his moments. As the best friend and the most insightful of the group.

The chestnut acts as a guide for all plans. He is the undisputed brain (an opinion highlighted by his two friends, by the way) and who does not go flat on his face. Although, sometimes that is unavoidable for the pair of boys.

He always ends up finding the truth through the analysis of everything he reads, which is a great help. In addition, his spells, potions and other abilities for magic are to be admired.

It is she who discovers which is the monster that lives in the Chamber of Secrets. Prior to that, she makes a perfect polyjuice potion while she is just a sophomore. And in his third year at Hogwarts, he uses his time turner to save more than one life with Harry.

Albus Dumbledore

The enigmatic head of the school is another of the Harry Potter characters that is key in the plot. Endowed with powers and knowledge that Voldemort himself fears. He is the most respected wizard in the witch and wizard community.

Dumbledore has a special relationship with Harry, just as he was with his parents. Even at one point in the first year, he explains to the boy how the mirror of Erised works. Which later helps him find the Philosopher’s Stone and defeat Voldemort.

For every new Harry, Ron and Hermione adventure, Professor Dumbledore always has something to do with it. He is the one who knows to measure the way of working of the Dark Lord.

In addition to this, his wisdom and attention to detail collaborates throughout the process to destroy the great villain. That although he is defeated mainly by Harry, Albus grants the three young men the necessary knowledge.

Severus Snape

Potions Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of the characters who detest Harry the most. Such is his dislike of the sole survivor of the Potters that he makes life miserable in his classes.

Snape was a supporter of Voldemort at the time, something for which our protagonist distrusts him. Despite this, Professor Dumbledore claims that he no longer belongs to the Death Eater camp. The only problem is that he is always involved in the occasions when Lord Voldemort tries to return.

With a past that closely involves Harry’s parents, which is why he can’t stand it. And desperately wanting the position as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Severus will be part of a great truth.

This of all the Harry Potter characters has one of the best developed bows. An impeccable work, to the point that towards the end, we see the reasons that always kept it going.

Sirius Black

Sirius is known as a wizard from the dark side. He escapes from Azkaban, the wizarding prison, for one purpose. End Harry’s life.

Black betrayed the Potters and consequently, they died. So when he manages to get out of the horrible place where he was confined, he has a clear plan.

But the reality is that his character goes much further. It is a mistake and it always was. He will end up in prison and, later on, will occupy a highly relevant role.

The complex story that surrounds him makes him one of the most impactful Harry Potter characters.

Draco Malfoy

Member of one of the oldest pureblood families. Arrogant, proud, conceited and Harry’s enemy from first grade.

Draco is one of those Harry Potter characters that you hate a lot, but finally you can’t help but have affection for him. Because the reason he has such a shocking personality stems from his fateful upbringing about Muggles.

All the time he is attentive to Harry’s every move to find a way to make life miserable for him. They compete with each other on any occasion that comes their way.

Another important point is that Draco’s relatives are devoted followers of Voldemort. They just wait for the right moment to make it public again. And your child will be a vital part of your plans.

Minerva Mcgonagall

Current Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Transformation teacher and animagus.

Professor McGonagall is the head of the House of the school to which Harry belongs. True to good manners, correct behavior and rules. In fact, she is Hermione’s favorite teacher.

Although at times we see her being tough with the students, especially the three inseparable friends, her heart is noble. Like your intentions. Always protecting the students and fighting for the good of the wizarding community.

Without a doubt, Minerva is on the list of Harry Potter characters we love the most.

Remus Lupine

During Harry’s third year, Lupine teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts, being considered the best teacher on the subject.

Your kindness makes the adolescent feel confident. At the same time, his teaching techniques are praised by the students.

Is he who teaches Harry how to conjure a patronus to defend himself of the dementors. Creatures that absorb the happiness of everyone who comes across their path.

Remus is one of those Harry Potter characters that quickly wins the hearts of the public. Your help with the boy represents an enormous advance so that he can defend himself against all obstacles.

Bellatrix Lestrange

He has never relinquished his position as part of the Dark Lord’s camp. She boasts of saying that she has been locked up in Azkaban for years for him. Unlike those who turned away to save themselves.

She is released in The Order of the Phoenix and gives a tremendous fight against her enemies. From now on, he returns to his lord’s side as a kind of lieutenant.

Perhaps one of the hardest moments is when he curses his cousin and ends his life.

The bad guys are also important in the plots and of the many Harry Potter characters, Bellatrix keeps her place.

Neville Longbottom

Among the Harry Potter characters, Neville is one of the most peculiar. Is about an insecure and clumsy boy who lives with his grandmother. Which scares him given how strict she is.

Although it is neglected, its value makes up for everything. Because of this, his loyalty to those he loves is unshakeable.

Likewise, he is skilled in a special way in Herbology, so he uses his useful knowledge at a precise moment. All in order to save the people around him.

Ginny Weasley

The youngest of the Weasley family, she runs into a difficult situation when starting her first year at Hogwarts. She is involved in the events that occur in the Chamber of Secrets.

Fortunately, she manages to get out of everything unscathed. And in his fourth year he joins a battle with his friends to prevent something horrible from happening.

The courage and maturity that characterize her make her one of the Harry Potter characters with great potential.

Lily Potter

Harry’s mother it is essential to the boy’s existence. Because by sacrificing herself for him she would cover him with the most powerful magic of all.

Thanks to Lily Potter, Harry is protected. Something that Voldemort does not quite understand, until it is too late.

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