Knowing the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya

The Masai Mara nature reserve is part of the region of Serengeti, southwest of Kenya, world famous for its fauna. It is an ideal tourist destination for the most adventurous and nature lovers, as it is a huge savannah of more than 1500 m2 of surface. The western area, where there is more water available, is where the fauna tends to concentrate: lions, rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, hippos, cheetahs, hyenas … they are some of the most characteristic species of the park, not to mention the more than 400 species of birds that inhabit the area.

The visit

The Masai Mara Nature Reserve has become a completely open space on board 4 × 4 vehicles made available to tourists by various specialized companies. The vehicle network is in constant communication, so, at the time of a natural spectacle, all units are notified to offer the experience to their crew.

Another aspect to take into account is that the reserve is also inhabited by the Maasai tribes, concentrated in small populated centers in the savannah and with a more important center at the entrance of the park, the Maasai Mara Town. In many of these places it is possible to discover the Maasai culture, their way of life, their customs, at the hands of the indigenous people who, very friendly, invite tourists to do so.

Only 800,000 people of this ethnic group remainBut the flame of its ancient traditions, of man’s primal struggle to break through and survive in the face of the wildest nature, is still alive. The typical images of the African continent, the large piercings in the ears of men and women, the rudimentary jewels and dresses, and the purest contact with the elements and the benefits of the land are all elements that make this visit a magical experience.

It is a tourist destination, yes, suitable for people with a high economic level. In fact, in the same park there are many luxury tourist facilities where it is usual to stay. They offer services that allow the traveler to enjoy the rustic experience, but safely and without sacrificing too much comfort.

The NU

The wildebeest it deserves its own section because, like the Serengeti, it is the great protagonist. The population of this species is estimated in millions and during the summer, they offer the spectacle of large herd migrations in search of more fertile lands. Zebras, gazelles and giraffes join the journey. It is an expression of nature in its purest form that is worth directly appreciating at least once in your life.

The sunset

One of the best moments of any visit to the nature reserve will undoubtedly be the sunset. After sunset, the game of hunting begins. On the one hand, herbivores are tense because they know that the night is dangerous. On the other hand, the hunters prepare to go out to destroy all the prey that they cross. The outlook can be quite unsettling, as the big cats are relentless, but safely appreciating the dynamics is very interesting.

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