The Grand Tour will now be a TV show that you can play in a video game

The tv show The Grand Tour, launched by Amazon in 2016, now comes in video game form without losing the very essence of the show. The video game comes full of real scenarios with direct influence from the program so that fans of Clarkson, Hammond and May can hear their real voices while playing. Now you can personally experience all the adrenaline that is in the program without having to leave home.

The Grand Tour, the video game

The British TV car show called The Grand Tour that was released by Amazon Video in 2016 has been adapted in the form of a video game. The combination of the TV show with the game will take place by mixing moments from the show with the mechanics of the game, including the challenges that take place in the show. The Grand Tour is presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, incorporating in the game format the original voices of its famous presenters.

All three presenters are highly sought after both in England and abroad, so the investment Amazon had to make three years ago was extremely high. The idea of ​​the project has been to get the most out of it, hence the video game was launched taking advantage of the pull of the TV program. The video game will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The design of the game has been based on the original program when it was released to the screen in 2016. The scenarios included in the game will be a mix of clips from the show without interruption, as well as spectacular locations, challenges and unimaginable challenges. All this while listening to the original voices of the popular presenters of the show, providing a direct relationship for the unconditional followers of the TV program.

Amazon confesses that The Grand Tour game is the only show that can be played by viewing the real scenarios that can be seen during its online broadcast. The great attraction of this game is that it progresses at the same rate as the show does, so that content from the latest season to come can be used to test the vehicles and tracks that appear on screen in each episode.

The Grand Tour has no release date yet

The videogame allows you to do everything that happens in the program such as driving dream cars or enjoying an exotic and paradisiacal place. Amazon adds that it is a great opportunity to enjoy the entertainment and fun that The Grand Tour offers but without being subject to any type of health risk.

The director of Amazon Game Studios, Craig Sullivan, expressed the intention of capturing the essence of the show in a video game so that anyone could experience the sensations that are experienced in their settings through healthy competition.

It seems that release date has not been disclosed, although it is thought that it will take place later this year, when the third season of the show begins. There are no more details about it, so we just have to wait for Amazon to tell us more about this long-awaited video game.

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