The footballers who could revolutionize FIFA 21

We reveal which footballers could experience a notable improvement in their valuation, a few months after the video game comes out.

The release date of the FIFA 21, the most popular soccer video game in the world, is already known: the October 9, all football and console lovers will see how a new edition is available and they will no longer have to settle for watching football for free on tv or internet to live their great passion, but they will be part of it. No big news is expected regarding the game, beyond some improvements at the graphical level and gameplay, so the great unknown for many fans is to see how this unusual season will influence the assessment that the game gives to each player.

There has not been the usual continuity in the big leagues, so the logic indicates that the abrupt changes in that always subjective value will be reduced. However, in the months of competition that took place until the beginning of the pandemic, as well as in the resumption to finish the national competitions, they are being able to appreciate important improvements in some footballers of big European teams.

Liverpool’s strength in winning the Premier League can make players like Fabinho raise your valuation, as could also the central madridista Raphael Varane, immeasurable behind the white team and which the current 85 points fall short. Nor can we ignore the qualitative leap of Erling haland. His role at Borussia Dortmund has made him one of the most acclaimed strikers on the planet and FIFA 21 is sure to pick up on that widespread feeling. In LaLiga we see clear examples of players in great progression, such as Martin Odergaard, Takafuso Kubo, Raúl de Tomás, Marcos Llorente placeholder image, whose season finale with Atlético de Madrid has been splendid, or Fede Valverde, imperial in the core of Real Madrid.

Among young people, the consolidation of Ansu Fati as a featured player, as well as the Olympique Marseille player Boubacar Kamara. Special mention also deserves Gabriel Martinelli, with great performances at Arsenal. One of the most unexpected cases was that of Manchester City’s left back, Oleksandr Zinchenko, who has had unexpected opportunities at the hand of Guardiola and took advantage of them to become a revelation player of the season. The Southampton striker, Danny Ings, It has also surprised locals and strangers with its meteoric progression.

In Italian football there could also be news in players that came out very reinforced from the new assessment that FIFA 21 will give, as indicated by Sportball. Some of them could be Francesco Acerbi or the side Theo Hernandez, who had lost cache after his abrupt exit from LaLiga, but who has found his place in Milan.

The early release date of the game, which is intended to anticipate the launch of the PS5 and offer the possibility for fans to have their game in a difficult context such as that expected with the pandemic in the northern fall, will force a review Conscientiously assess the assessment of each footballer, in order to adjust as much as possible and reflect the trends appreciated in such a special 2019/2020 season. There may be surprises.

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